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Customer Relations Management Software Prices

Does your sales force have all the tools necessary to succeed? If you're not using a Customer Relations Management system, the answer is probably not.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) software unites sales-focused features with popular features found in other types of software. CRM's streamline sales tracking allows for better sharing of information and help your company identify sales and marketing weaknesses.

About Customer Relations Management Software

CRM automates all of your sales-related tasks, including order tracking and processing, contact management, inventory tracking, sales forecasts and employee performance monitoring.

The benefits of Customer Relations Management include better communication and collaboration among sales staff, enhanced reporting and analysis, and a more comprehensive approach to sales strategy. CRM also gives sales managers the tools to pinpoint and resolve problems in the sales process.

There are two basic types of CRM software:

  • In-house or on-premise software runs on your company server and is installed on each of your computers. You have total control of the software, but you need an experienced IT staff to manage it. You'll pay a large fee upfront, but there will be fewer recurring costs.
  • Web-based or cloud-based software is hosted outside of the company on the provider's server and is accessed through a web browser. You'll pay a small setup fee and then monthly payments based on the number of users or licenses in your office.

Customer Relations Management Software Average Costs

In-house CRM software usually costs $250 to $1,000 per user. You will also have to pay for technical support, maintenance, software updates and customization work. Most companies need at least some customization work to align the software with needs of their sales force, and that can add thousands of dollars to the purchase price.

Web-based CRM software typically runs $50 to $100 per user each month.

Before you decide on a software vendor, be sure to ask for a complete list of all the associated costs. Keep in mind that some companies offer low per-user fees but make up the difference by overcharging for training or customization.

Never choose CRM software on price alone. It's important to stay within your budget, but you also need to make sure the software is user-friendly and that you choose a provider will be available at a moment's notice to answer all of your technical questions and resolve any problems that arise.

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