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How Much Does a Postage Scale Cost?

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Are you looking for a practical solution to cut costs, save time, and increase the growth of your business? Both small businesses and large corporations are accomplishing these goals with a time tested and effective strategy. The bottom line is that the ability to deliver communication and product easier and faster to valuable customers. Addressing your current mail processing situation will help your business run smoother than ever before.

What is a postal scale? #

A postage scale, or mail scale, is an essential component of any mailing system. They are available, new or used, in both mechanical/manual or digital models. They can reliably provide:

  • More accurate weight related postage costs thereby reduce overpayment on outgoing mail and packages by up to 10%-15%
  • Easy user friendly features that promote effective time management for mailing processes
  • Additional cost and time management by eliminating frequent trips to the post office
  • A professional image to current or potential customers, which in the long run can increase sales potential

Sample costs for Postage Scales #

The cost of a postage scale will fluctuate greatly depending on several key factors. For example, two scales may have the same weight capacity, but different features, can therefore vary, significantly, in cost. How much you can expect to pay for a postage scale will be dictated according to all of the below considerations:

  • Scale weight capacity
  • Digital vs. manual model scale
  • Scale Features/Functions
  • Purchased new or used

Manual Scale Prices #

If you have extremely low mail output and want to keep costs minimal, you can buy an old-fashioned manual scale for around $5 to $10.

Digital Scale Prices #

Most businesses use digital scales. They're extremely accurate and simpler to read than manual scales. A manual scale will save your business some money. However, if you're doing a lot of mailing then you'll definitely want to have a digital unit. Digital scales can weigh mail objects that are anywhere from 5 pounds to 5,000 pounds. They can range in cost from $20 for a simple, 5 pound digital scale to $1,500 for a new digital scale that can weigh thousands of pounds.

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