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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Bulldozer?

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What you should know about bulldozers, pros, specs and rental rates #

A bulldozer, also commonly known as the dozer, is a heavily used, necessary and powerful machine that is found on almost every construction project around the world. The bulldozer was popularized in the early 1900s and has since been used to provide for various industrial applications like waste management, construction and farming. A bulldozer is one of the fastest ways to clear a block of land of undergrowth and trees.

Pros of bulldozers #

Bulldozers are highly flexible. This is largely because of the familiar track, which is used in military tanks and industrial machinery equipment. Bulldozers are also flexible because they utilize flexible tracks instead of the standard wheels. These machines have steel links, which sometime can be more than 61 cm (2 ft.) in length. The purpose of these links is to connect them with lubricated pins in order to provide stability and fluid motion of the bulldozer. Most bulldozers have elevated sprocket designs. This design suspends the bulldozer's power train, hence improving its reactivity based on the terrain. These machines have diesel engines, which can generate between 50 and 700 horsepower, thereby making it efficient to work on steep slopes or rough terrain.

Points to consider before opting for bulldozer rental #

  • New technology – it is crucial to rent a bulldozer that incorporates new technologies because today's machinery and their electronic components are advancing. New technologies in bulldozers translate to better real time monitoring, increased fuel efficiency, advances in ergonomic design and cab comfort, and improved emissions.
  • Reliability – it is important to consider the reliability of a bulldozer before renting it. Ensure that the bulldozer can withstand extreme jobsite requirements. The machine should also guarantee prolonged working hours without any difficulties.
  • Specifications – there are three main sizes of bulldozers you can rent from. These include small, medium and large bulldozers. Regardless of the size, ensure that the dozer's weight class, power output, size of the blade and operational weight are favorable or will meet jobsite requirements.

Sample Bulldozer Rental Rates #

Rental rates for most bulldozers will depend on the size, horsepower and operational weight of the bulldozer among other things such as dealer location, year, make and model of the machine. If you want to rent an 80 horsepower bulldozer for 4 hours, this will cost you around $595, Understand that you can rent a bulldozer for just one hour at $595. However, the minimum number of hours you can rent a bulldozer in a day is 4 hours. The daily rate of renting a bulldozer is not different from the 4-hour rental period and this will cost you $595.

If you need to rent an 80 hp bulldozer on a weekly basis, this will cost you around $1,540 and the monthly rate for the same bulldozer will be around $4,600. If you want an 80 hp bulldozer with wide tracks, this will cost you $630 for a daily rental, $1,700 for a weekly rental and $5,000 for a monthly rental.

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