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How Much Do Webcast Services Cost?

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Webcasting services offer a simple way to broadcast your audiovisual message via the internet to a wide audience. Unlike web conferencing, webcasts are not designed to be collaborative. They offer one-way communication from the presenter to a web audience, similar to TV and radio broadcasting.

Webcasting has become so popular that it's even used to broadcast wedding and funerals over the internet to friends and family who can't make the trip! But, the most common application is still in the world of business where the possibilities are almost endless. Host seminars for employees across the globe, post training videos, or broadcast quarterly earnings calls. Stream press conferences, broadcast awards dinners, or make product announcements. It's all made possible with webcast.

About Webcast Services #

Webcasting is a practical alternative to gathering everyone in a single room to convey your message. Save time and eliminate travel expenses by hiring a webcast service to broadcast your message or announcement.

Webcasts are often confused with web conferencing, but the two are very different. Webcasts are simply audio and video files that are transferred over the Internet. Web conferences are real-time meetings in which smaller groups interact, using features like text chat and screen sharing to hold meetings. Webcasts can be streamed live or archived on your website so that your audience can watch them anytime.

Webcast Services Average Costs #

Few companies have the network infrastructure to host a large webcast from their building. That's why you turn to a hosted service provider to manage the infrastructure and make sure the proper bandwidth is in place. If your audience isn't able to watch the video on their home computers, the webcast doesn't have much value.

The price of a webcasting service depends on several factors including the length and complexity of the presentation and the number of viewers you anticipate. It's very difficult to estimate cost because most providers will want to gather some information about your presentation before offering a quote.

Generally, webcast prices begin at around $1,000 and range up to $6,000 or more. A short video presentation with a small group of anticipated viewers will fall on the low end of that price range. An hour-long quarterly webcast that needs to be archived on your website will fall on the high end. Also, pricing for webcasts is greatly impacted by the level of service and support that you require. The more production assistance and technological support you need, the higher the price.

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