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How Much Does an Industrial Floor Scrubber Cost?

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If you want professional floor cleaning results but don't want to pay a premium for professional cleaning services, you should consider investing in an industrial floor scrubber machine. Industrial floor scrubbers provide spotless floors while boosting the productivity of your cleaning staff and saving you money over time. To learn more about commercial scrubbers, including how much they cost, continue reading this buying guide.

An Overview of Commercial Floor Scrubbers #

An industrial floor scrubber does the work of mops and buckets without fatiguing your workers, allowing them to do more work in less time. This significant reduction in labor costs allows some scrubbers to pay for themselves in the first year alone. Most scrubbers have interchangeable heads that can be fitted with both brushes and discs depending on the surface to be cleaned. In one pass, floor scrubber machines spray a solution, scrub away dirt, and leave floors clean and dry.

While every machine is different, you have a few major choices when it comes time to shop for industrial floor scrubber machines. They include:

  • Mode of operation: Commercial floor scrubbers have three modes of operation. Walk-behind units can be either manually or automatically powered and there are also ride-on machines.
  • Power source: An industrial floor scrubber machine can run on batteries or electricity. Battery-powered floor scrubbers are more expensive but provide greater mobility. Corded machines cost less, but, consequently, are less mobile.

When choosing a scrubber, consider the size and layout of the facility to be cleaned. The coverage area rating of the machine (how much square footage it cleans in an hour) and how quickly you need the job done are two of the most important factors to examine.

To illustrate how different industrial floor scrubbers are appropriate for different jobs, consider cleaning a 25,000 foot warehouse versus a school. An uncluttered warehouse with wide spaces would be well served by a ride-on machine with a high coverage area rating. A school, on the other hand, with many desks, chairs, and other obstructions, would require a smaller, more maneuverable industrial floor machine.

Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine Sample Costs #

Because prices can vary significantly based on capabilities, accessories, warranty packages, and other factors, the prices below are only intended to provide a general idea of commercial floor cleaning machine costs.

  • Based on mode of operation, you can expect to pay approximately:

  • $500 to $2,500 for a manual push machine

  • $4,000 to $12,000 for a walk behind machine

  • $10,000 to $50,000 for a ride-on machine

  • For a maintenance plan that covers inspections and routine service, you might pay an additional $500 to $1,000 per year.

  • Take a look at what businesses nationwide paid for a commercial floor scrubber machine for a better understanding of what a scrubber will cost you:

  • New floor scrubber prices:

  • A New Jersey manufacturer paid around $6,000 for a 20" walk-behind scrubber.

  • An Arkansas health care company paid approximately $3,000 for a walk-behind machine.

  • A Wisconsin manufacturer paid about $9,000 for a ride on machine with a full warranty.

  • Used floor scrubbers prices:

  • An Ohio event planner paid approximately $1,500 for a walk-behind 26" scrubber.

  • A Pennsylvania manufacturer paid roughly $3,500 for a walk-behind scrubber.

  • A California agricultural business paid around $15,000 for a machine with a factory warranty.

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