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How Much Does Telephone Survey Software Cost?

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Interactive voice response (IVR) systems are applications that provide prompts for callers via recorded messages or options that can process information relayed by the customer. These systems help a customer by getting them the information they need entirely, or by connecting them to a live agent. Often, the ends of these calls invite the customer to take a survey, commonly referred to as a post-call IVR survey. The customer is transferred to these surveys either automatically or manually and are able to respond either by answering via their keypad or through voice recognition. IVR surveys are an inexpensive way to receive feedback on your business and its employees, while eliminating the need to obtain copious amounts of customer information in the process.

What to Look for in Telephone Survey Software #

Telephone survey software can be a great benefit to your company, so long as it is equipped with the proper features. It is important to do your research and carefully evaluate your options before making any final decisions. You need to make sure that the software you choose has dynamic design tools, such as providing multiple language options and advanced question types with a variety of questions so that both your business and your customers are able to get the most out of each survey. It is also a good idea to find software that can integrate with your current telephony system. A proper survey software also has multi-channel integration and software transition service to ensure that you have the ability to access pertinent information no matter where the initial source originates.

How Much Does IVR Survey Software Cost? #

Pricing for IVR survey software depends a few variables. There will be the base cost of the software itself, as well as the cost of each line, which varies depending on the style of line that you choose. The cost of small business IVR software averages between $1,000 and $1,499. If you choose to go with a hosted line or lines, prices average between $750 and $900 per line. An in-house set up averages between $1,450 and $1,750 per line.

Questions to Ask IVR Providers #

Research is important in any purchasing decision, and buying IVR software for your business is no different. There are some question you should ask your possible providers, or at least keep in mind, before making any final decisions.

How many applications have you developed? #

It is important to know the amount of applications that your prospective provider has developed. Obviously you would not choose a provider based on quantity over quality, but it gives you a good idea as to the amount of business they have done, which offers a clue as to how well they perform in the industry.

How long have you been in business? #

This may seem similar to wanting to know how many applications a provider has developed, but it actually tells you more. If a company has been around for a while, it gives you more background on their other accomplishments or perceived negatives. It also tells you how long they have been a viable company and lends some credence to their application and client quantity.

How many customers do you support on a daily basis? #

Customer support is key. Knowing how many clients and issues a provider deals with on a daily basis tells you the level of assistance that they provide and if they are able to provide the level of service that you require.

How do you integrate with existing applications? #

It is important that the software and provider you choose is able to properly integrate with other applications that you use and offer. The most important aspect of IVR is simplicity and customer satisfaction, and if an IVR system does not integrate with anything else, or does so inefficiently, then it is probably not the best choice.

What are the hidden costs? #

Many products, providers, and services come with hidden costs. Not everything does, but it is a necessary piece of information before making any final decisions.

While these are not necessarily everything you should ask or need to know in the process of choosing your software and provider, they are all good questions to have answered. Once you have gathered all the necessary information, then you can make a truly informed decision that will benefit both your business and its customers.

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