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How Long Does it Take to Implement an IVR System?

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People tend to call into a business when they feel that they have an issue that just can’t wait. No matter what the problem may be, an interactive voice response (IVR) system can be an immense benefit to you and your customers. IVR systems provide the ability for a customer to get through to exactly who they need to speak to in order to get their problem fixed. It can be as simple as letting customers press a button to get to the right department or saying the proper phrase to get where they need to be, and it can vastly improve your customer relationships and your business.

Implementing an IVR System #

Implementing an IVR system can take a few days or it can take several weeks. Implementation is the last phase of an IVR project and it is during this time that the program is installed and tested in a live environment with real users. Developers will closely monitor the performance of the system during this phase to see what works and what doesn’t.

IVR Project Phases #

It is important that developers are aware of the best practices while designing IVR applications and systems. This way, they can provide the best possible set up for your business, its customers, and the overall ease of use that is required. When setting up an IVR system, there are usually several phases: consulting (wherein it is decided whether the system is right or feasible for your business), design of the system, development, programming, testing (prior to the application going live), implementation (application is used in a live environment), and management (to maintain or enhance the initial system).

Benefits of Implementing an IVR System #

Implementing an IVR system can bring in a multitude of benefits for both your business and your customers. From a business standpoint, you save time and money, an important aspect of any commercial venture. While, traditionally, companies would hire and train multiple employees to take on every aspect of incoming calls, an IVR system takes away some of that time spent on gathering the initial information, leaving your representatives able to focus on and perform more direct and important tasks. Using IVR to route calls to the appropriate department might seem like its doesn’t save that much time, but every second counts and you could save hours a day with an IVR system. In addition to that, setting up automated response systems to relay information can get customers the answers they need without ever having to speak to a live agent, leaving your employees free to focus on more important things and your customers happy. And, if you run a smaller business, these systems are a great way to make your company appear larger.

From a customer standpoint, an IVR system allows you to provide exceptional, fast, and simple service to your customers that leaves them satisfied and you able to focus on larger tasks. Giving your customers the ability to access information or complete minor tasks at any time, any day of the week, is a great way to enhance their experience with your business and take some of the workload off yourself at the same time. But keep in mind that there are both good and bad IVR setups, so it is important to work with a professional before implementing something. A properly set up IVR system should get your customers what they need quickly, but not seem impersonal or confusing.

Make it Easy and Keep it Up to Date #

A good IVR system is easy to use and provides all the information a customer might need. It is important that you maintain it and periodically check up on it to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Not only that, but regularly checking on your system can let you know if there is anything that needs to be changed and gives you a chance to see what might work better for your customers or your business. The ultimate end-goal of any IVR system is to keep your customers and your employees happy. As long as you are maintaining and working on your IVR system, you can accomplish this, and in the process grow your brand.

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