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How Much Does it Cost to Rent an ATM Machine

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Automated Teller Machine Lease Prices

For business owners who want to reap the benefits of having an on-site automatic teller machine (ATM) but are put off by the several thousand dollar investment, renting an ATM machine can be the perfect solution. ATM machines can help to draw more customers to your business, reduce the cost of credit card transactions, and their fees can even provide another source of income. Plus, by leasing a cash machine, you can explore its advantages on a trial basis and avoid the long-term commitment of ownership. This buying guide explores the important things to keep in mind when considering an ATM lease and how much a rental agreement will cost you.

Factors to Consider Before Leasing an ATM Machine

If you want to rent an ATM machine, you should frame the decision in terms of the pros and cons of ATM leasing. Make sure that you are clear on the following points:

  • Repairs: Lease agreements, including the service agreement, will vary from vendor to vendor, and it's important to know what's in the fine print. For example, who will you call when if your ATM needs repairs? How soon will they respond to the call? If repairs are necessary, where it the closest service rep located? Can you opt out of the agreement if something goes wrong or does not comport with your expectations? Leasing an ATM machine provides the immense benefit of not having to hire a repairman and pay out of pocket for the repairs.
  • Technology: Leasing an ATM will allow you to possess the newest, fastest machines. When the lease agreement runs out, the new ATM machine that will be faster and better than the last. If you buy an ATM outright your strategy will be geared towards keep it as long as possible in order to bring down the cost of ownership.
  • The total cost of the lease: Many people choose to lease an ATM machine over buying one because of the lower cost of an initial investment. However, just because a monthly payment seems low compared to a one-time purchasing price does not mean it is cheaper in the long term. For example, if you are paying $100 a month for an ATM rental over four years, that amounts to a total cost of $4,800 over the course of the lease. With some new ATM machines starting at under $3,000 and used machines costing even less, that lease suddenly isn't such a money saver.
  • Tax implications: Most ATM lease fees are partially or wholly tax deductible, but you should talk to your accountant about the particulars, including whether you need a monthly lease in order to establish a business expense or if buying a machine outright may be worth a greater deduction.
  • Notifying the proper authorities: Bear in mind that you will probably have to file a notice informing certain agencies (including local, state, and federal) within 60 days of having an ATM machine placed on your business' premises.

Average ATM Lease Costs - Samples

The actual price to lease an ATM machine will vary regionally and per the terms of your individual agreement. The following figures are only meant to provide a rough overview of ATM rental costs:

  • In general, you can expect to pay approximately $50 to $100 per month to lease an ATM machine. In very high traffic areas, a vendor may waive the monthly rental fees and instead collect a portion of the ATM surcharges.
  • Some companies may charge a one-time installation fee of around $50 to $200.
  • Other costs associated with ATM leasing include:
    • A phone line (around $25 to $40 per month)
    • Professional cash loading service (roughly $40 to $60 per month)
    • An additional cash cassette (necessary if you are dealing with an armored truck service; approximately $100 to $500.)
    • About $10 to $25 per month to cover your statement fees and warrantee.
    • Replacement receipt paper: around $15 to $50.

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