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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a JLG Aerial Lift?

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JLG is a leading company in the manufacture and supply of mast booms and vertical booms. Their products can be used in a number of everyday applications, including painting, electrical installations, ductwork, maintenance, and plumbing. JLG lifts are the best option for safe, effective work performed above ground level.

In addition to top safety standards, JLG utilizes environmentally friendly upgrades. Their innovative designs and high-tech installments mean fewer problems with complicated machinery, resulting in fewer servicing requests. Purchasing one of these lifts represents a significant investment. However, if your needs are confined to a single job of short duration, rental options are available.

Pros of JLG Lifts

JLG provides a variety of lifts to meet the needs of different working environments. Whether you want a vertical lift for electrical installation, maintenance, or construction, JLG has a lift that meets your needs. JLG lifts improve productivity and ensure that all work is done safely.

Most JLG lifts feature a narrow chassis, providing easy access to confined areas. A vertical JLG lift easily loads onto a standard truck, making them easier to transport, load, and offload in any location. Their machines feature anodized masts, giving users stability, as well as minimal sway and deflection when working.

Points to Consider Before Renting a JLG Lift

  • Transportation: Ensure you can easily transport the JLG lift before renting one. When possible, consider renting a vertical lift with a roller-loading device, which makes it easy to load and offload. Loading, unloading, and transportation may also carry a cost, so consider the transport distance and the rental agency's charges for the service.
  • Design: JLG vertical lifts come in different designs. The area where you will use the lift and how you will transport it dictates your design needs. Therefore, consider a JLG lift with a narrow design that fits into a doorway or standard elevator. You can also choose between electric and diesel engines according to your work preference and site specifications.
  • Platform height: The platform heights of JLG lifts range between 19 feet and 41 feet. Therefore, consider the platform height you think will be suitable to complete your work. This influences the total renting cost of the machine and so needs proper assessment. If your work can be done with a 19' lift, you don't need to spend extra money on the 40' model.

Sample Prices of JLG Lift Rental

Numerous factors determine the total price to rent a JLG lift. Costs vary based on:

  • Type of lift: Boom lifts, scissor lifts, and vertical lifts cost a different sum to rent.
  • Features of the lift: Different technologies, framework, and mode of work all play a part in the final rent price.
  • Location: Where you are also plays a role in the price you'll pay to rent a JLG lifts, as does which rental company you choose.
  • Platform height: In general, the greater the height, the greater the price.

Rental prices also vary by platform capacity, overall length and width, overall height stowed, and outrigger footprint (both length and width). If you want to rent a vertical JLG lift, the advantage is that their lifts are electric powered and this means that the rental rates will definitely be lower.

The following table provides JLG rental cost estimates.

Equipment Type Daily Average Weekly Average Monthly Average
19' Vertical Lift $100-150 $600-800 $1,500-2,000
30' Vertical Lift $150-200 $800-1,000 $2,000-3,000
34' Diesel Articulated Boom Lift $300-400 $800-1,000 $2,000-3,000
40' Electric Articulated Boom Lift $400-500 $1,000-1,200 $2,500-3,500
45' Electric Articulated Boom Lift $450-550 $1,000-1,300 $3,000-3,800
60' Electric Articulated Boom Lift $500-600 $1,100-1,400 $3,000-4,000

There is also typically a charge to deliver the lift, as well as limitations on how far they allow their machines to be transported. The average cost of delivery ranges between $150 and $200.

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