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How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

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Pest Control Prices

We live in a world with a variety of other creatures. We prefer they stay in their habitat be it the woods or the back yard. Sometimes, they don't do what we want and invade our living space. That's when it's time to call pest control. Pest control services are a savior for someone whose property has been invaded by insects or animals that don't belong.

Here is an article on controlling pests in your garden.

Pest Control Prices


It will cost $50 to $70 for a pest control service to come into your property and spray for insects. This will take care of most insects that you will encounter in your home. That will guarantee your property is free from insects for 90 days or so. If you want to ensure you are free from pests year round you may hire the pest control service to spray on a quarterly basis. They will then come on a quarterly basis to treat your insect problem. This will cost $200 to $500, depending on the size of the property and the type of insect you need disposed of.

If you have an insect pest and you need to identify it look at this comprehensive list of insect pests.


It will cost $75 to $100 to pay for pest control for rodents. The pest control service will typically come onto your property, set traps, and return to check the traps, hopefully with little varmints on them. A good pest control service will try to address the causes of your rodent problem. They usually have a food source near their nests. Get rid of their source of food if you can. Also, the pest control service.


Snakes, gators, and bats all fall into a larger category that is difficult to put a price on. The cost of removing pests like these depends on the difficulty of the job. Where is the pest located? How many are there? Is it a dangerous animal? Is there possibility of injury during removal of the pest? With gators, bees, and poisonous snakes there is a real risk of injury or death. Snakes can be poisonous, bats can have rabies and other diseases, and I don't need to tell you the problems that can arise handling alligators. That's worth extra money.

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