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How Much Does Furniture Reupholster Cost?

Furniture Upholstering Prices

Furniture upholstery wears out over time. Rips and tears are common, especially if you have small children or pets. While it may be more cost-effective to just buy another piece of furniture, if the piece is expensive or a family heirloom, you will need to reupholster it. Maybe you just don't like the fabric that is on a piece of furniture now, and would like to change it to something more modern and durable. There are many different types of fabrics available in many different styles.

Furniture Upholstering Cost

The fabric that you decide to use will make a big difference in the price of reupholstering. Very tough, durable fabric will cost more than a run-of-the-mill type of fabric. Fabric usually comes by the yard. A typical couch takes about 15 yards of fabric to cover, and an average loveseat takes about 10 yards. Good quality fabric will run approximately $25 to $30 per yard. Some fabric can even run as high as $70 per yard. A low-end fabric will run between $10 and $15 per yard, but this type of fabric is not recommended for high-use furniture. You can also save money by supplying your own fabric to a furniture upholsterer instead of buying theirs. They usually charge a markup on their merchandise, and if you buy yours at a wholesalers or a specialty store you can save 5-10% on your purchase.

Labor costs are usually standard across the board. The cost will depend on the size of the piece of furniture and how many curves and angles there are on it. Most companies charge a rate based upon the number of yards your piece costs. Be prepared to spend between $40 and $55 per yard of material for labor costs.