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How Much Does Building a Modular Home Cost?

Modular Home Prices

What is a modular home? A modular home is a prefabricated home. Most of the home is assembled at construction sites miles away from the actual building site. The home is put together in a temperature controlled environment. This allows for fast assembly because this allows for separation of labor

Modular Home Costs

How much does a modular home cost? The great thing about modular homes is their ability to be a very high value. Much of the construction is done offsite. The manufacturer can take advantage of division of labor to keep production costs low. The homes are constructed indoors which also helps keep costs down. No days are lost are lost due to weather and the process is repeatable so the person making your modular home can get the process down perfectly. They utilize assembly lines and each home isconstructed with efficiency. Single family duplex homes can b e purchase in the range of $30,000 to $140,000. Duplexes, ranch style, and colonial homes are all available. High end luxury modular homes can rang from $150,000 to $400,000!

Modular homes usually provide everything for you. All you have do is bring the toothpaste. The most important thing is to choose a manufacturer that doesn't live too far away. Transportation cost can be an expensive cost!

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