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How Much Do Window Cleaning Services Cost?

Exterior Window Cleaning Prices

Cleaning windows can be a real "pane". But, it's great to be able to look out your window and admire the outdoors like it was meant to be seen. Cleaning windows can be a challenge because of the height issues. Especially hard to clean, are the outside window panes on the outside of your home. Depending on how many stories your home has it can get pretty high up to reach the outside panes of the windows. For this reason, sometimes windows go unclean for decades.

Window Cleaning Prices

It will cost $25 to $45 an hour to hire someone to clean your windows. Another way that a professional window cleaning service may charge you is $200 for a half day and $400 for a full day of cleaning. For an average size home or business it will not take more than half a day to clean the windows.

Things to Consider

The cost of cleaning your windows will depend on:

  • The height of the windows- Are the windows accessible without a ladder? Are the windows accessible with a step ladder? Does a person need a 40 foot ladder to reach your windows?
  • How large are the windows? Are the windows large or small? Larger windows can be washed with a squeegee. This may actually work to your advantage as it will take someone less time to clean large windows with the speed that a squeegee can bring.
  • Do the windows have dividers? Or is the window one solid pane? The greatest time consuming element of windows are navigating the corners of the windows. It can be difficult and more time consuming to get into the corners of windows.