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How Much Do Automatic Roller Shades Cost?

Automatic Blinds Prices

Thinking About Installing Automatic Window Shades or Blinds?

Automatic window shades and blinds make a great addition to any home. There are no more strings or clumsy catches that seem impossible to work at times. A remote control can control every window shade or blind in your house. It really helps for the hard-to-reach areas that you typically wouldn't be able to reach. Most companies that sell window shades or blinds also have an option to make them motorized. Chances are, you can get any style and any color you want in a power-driven unit. These motors can be either battery powered (batteries typically last 2-3 years) or hardwired into your home's electrical system.

Cost to Install Automatic Window Shades/Blinds

Most automatic window shades and blinds install the same way as their traditional non-motorized counterparts. They simply screw into either the inside of the window jamb or on the trim outside the window jamb. Depending on the width of the shade or blind and the complexity to install, you should expect to pay between $20 and $50 per blind. The blinds themselves are the real cost of the job. An average 36"x48" motorized window shade/blind will run you from $300-$600. On average, the cost goes up or down by about 10% every foot you add or subtract to the width and height.

  • As mentioned before, you can hardwire your new window treatments into your electrical system, negating the need for batteries. Expect to pay about $200 to $300 per motorized unit you want hardwired. This may not be cost-effective for all your windows but it makes sense for those hard to reach windows that are a pain to get to. Replacing a battery in them is difficult for the same reason it's hard to reach.
  • Expect to pay extra for a remote control as well. Motorized units come with a switch on them at no extra cost but a remote is typically an added feature. Most remotes can be purchased with the window treatments for as little as $50.

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