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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Structural Engineer?

Structural Engineer Prices

A structural engineer has many different jobs. They are trained in the design and load bearing capabilities of a structure. Structural engineers can determine if an edifice is capable of withstanding a weight load by factoring material strengths with physics equations – from weight loads due to snow, wind, building materials, and even occupants.

City planners, architects, draftspersons, and even your typical general contractor need a structural engineer sometimes. If your existing house or new house has any structural issues, you will want to talk to a residential structural engineer. A structural engineer has to sign off on any new building project before it can get started.

Average Structural Engineer Costs

A structural engineers' education requires extensive knowledge in many fields including wide-ranging knowledge of mathematics and geometry. Their training alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As such, they command a respectable amount of money for their services. Don't expect to hire a structural engineer for a small amount.

A structural engineer's average cost is $100 to $150 per hour for their services. A job requiring a residential structural engineer will typically only last an hour or two. While this may seem like a large amount of money, they guarantee the work they perform. They are liable for any mistake in their calculations. Therefore, their liability is high, their insurance is high; they are responsible for making safe structures. They are ultimately responsible for the safety of people's lives. That's no minor responsibility.

The most common residential issues that require the services of a structural engineer pertains to roofing, load bearing walls and foundations. New house plans will need the approval of an outside structural engineer. If there is a question of structural integrity by the builder or homeowner, then a structural engineer may need to be consulted.

Structural engineers on large commercial or municipal buildings are required to be much more involved. They must know exactly what materials are being used and in what fashion. Different parts of the country also require different load bearing capabilities. California, for instance, requires certain earthquake resistant properties of their buildings while most properties on the east coast do not. Naturally, prices will vary with location and job size.