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How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

Wedding Disc Jockey Prices

You've got the right person picked out. You've got all the details coming together for this major event. It's a big undertaking. Hiring a DJ is not the most expensive piece of the wedding. However, it can't be overstated the importance of good music for this event. That's a must for any good party.

Your wedding DJ does more than play music, though. He's got a lot more to do with it than pushing the “play” button. He is the conductor of the entire of the entire reception. He introduces you under your married name for only the second time (the end of the ceremony being the first), introduces the special dances, and when the food is done, he's the one to keep the party rocking with your favorite tunes. Therefore, you need to choose a good one.

Wedding DJ Prices/ Disc Jockey Prices

The services of a disc jockey vary widely in price. You can hire a disc jockey for $500 or you can pay $2,000. A major piece of the cost is the fact that the speakers he uses cost a lot of money! It's a real expense so he needs to charge people to pay for it, like any profession. Plus, he will bring the equipment to the venue, setup, and clean it all up. You can't have a rip-roaring reception with an IPod and a pair of computer speakers. You're going to needs some watts.

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A professional disc jockey will:

  • Have great equipment
  • Have experience
  • Know when to talk and when not to. You can help him with the itinerary and cues.
  • Be likeable. If you like the DJ then chances are your friends and family will, too. That's why meeting at least a couple DJs is a good idea.
  • Have some lighting? Disco ball? Strobe lights? Neon Spotlights? Some have these and some don't so be sure to ask.

You may wish to pick out the music yourself or have the DJ do that, or a combination of the two. If you need some ideas for wedding reception music then check out this list from a local DJ service in New Jersey. Here is an even more extensive list of wedding music listed by genre.

Note: Be sure to ask what type of stereo equipment your DJ has.

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