How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Cat and Dog Insurance Prices

Over the life of a pet, veterinary bills cost between $2000 and $6000, and expensive procedures can escalate the price dramatically. Plus, with the cost of vets soaring, many people are now considering pet insurance.

Typical costs:

  • An average cost for pet insurances is $10-$35 per month.
  • Dog pet insurance costs $10-$30 per month based on the coverage, age and breed.
  • Cat pet insurance is slightly cheaper, averaging $10-$20 per month according to the cat's age, breed and the specific plan.

What's included:

  • The two most common types of pet health insurance are those that cover routine coverage such as annual checkups, vaccinations, heart worm checks and treatment, spaying or neutering, cleaning teeth, flea medication and other procedures relating to a pet's general health. Other plans cover major medical procedures such as accidents, serious illness, the use of equipment such as an MRI, CAT scan or X-ray machine, surgery, hospitalization, removing objects that have been swallowed and snake bites.

Additional costs:

  • There is another pet insurance plan that specifically covers cancer related health problems such as chemotherapy, radiation and medications and supplements related to cancer. A plan such as this must be purchased in addition to basic pet insurance.
  • Similar to health insurance for humans, most veterinary pet insurance includes a deductible and co-payment. Deductibles range from $30 to $60 or more with some plans while co-payment typically cost 15-50% of the total cost.
  • Almost every plan has an annual maximum that, if exceeded, requires out of pocket payment.


  • Most companies offer a multi-pet discount.
  • PetAssure and a few other companies offer a slightly different option. Under their plans pet owners pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for discounts such as 25% off veterinary care and between 5 and 50% discounts on supplies.
  • Embrace Pet Insurance offers customizable plans and can provide cheap pet insurance for owners who only want to cover the basics.

Shopping for pet insurance:

  • Do a comprehensive pet insurance comparison before deciding on a plan. Balance factors such as deductible, co-payment, and yearly limits when deciding what is the best pet insurance for you and your animal.
  • Be aware that pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance, and occasionally common conditions are as well. Read the fine print.
  • Read an outline of some of the top pet insurance plans and what they offer.