How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Motorcycle Insurance Prices

Typical costs:

  • Motorcycle insurance rates, similar to car insurance, depend on factors such as age, vehicle type, and driving record. However, motorcycle insurance is only about half the cost of auto insurance.

  • At the very least, motorcycle insurance costs $150 per year. On the high end, the price can be upwards of $2500 or more.
  • Liability, which covers the driver against injury or damage they cause, is one kind of cheap motorcycle insurance. It can be purchased for $100-$500 per year.
  • Complete coverage insures against liability and any injury or damage resulting from another person. It is about twice as expensive as basic liability.
  • Each state specifies minimum motorcycle insurance requirements. View the complete list.

Additional costs:

  • Any driver who has had an accident or moving violation in the past three years can expect to pay more.
  • Moving violations including drugs and alcohol in the last ten years will result in a higher motorcycle insurance quote.
  • License problems, including suspension or revocation, also negatively affect motorcycle insurance quotes.
  • A motorcycle used for racing will be significantly more expensive to insure.
  • Guest passenger coverage is required in some states, and will cost more.


  • Stock motorcycles (versus custom bikes) and older bikes are generally cheaper to insure.
  • An engine smaller than 1000 cc is cheaper to insure than an engine over this size.
  • Anti-theft devices result in lower premiums.
  • Those with a clean driving record and many years of riding experience, qualify for a lower motorcycle insurance cost.
  • Some insurers offer discounts to members of clubs such as the American Motorcycle Association and the Harley Owners Group. If you are a member of a riding group, ask an insurer if you qualify for a cheaper rate.
  • Bikes insured under an existing car insurance policy or a policy with another bike qualify for a discount from most major insurers.

Shopping for motorcycle insurance:

  • Other factors that affect the cost of insurance are: whether the bike is used for business or pleasure, how many miles are driven monthly and where the motorcycle is kept when it's not being used.
  • Get a free motorcycle insurance quote online from Geico, esurance and Progressive.
  • For more information, check out this online motorcycle insurance buyer's guide.