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How Much Does a Dog Walking Service Cost?

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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Most of us consider our dog as a member of the family. But, we can't always be around to keep our four-legged friends company. Long hours at work or away from the house mean your dog is cooped up inside for longer than you'd like.

Hiring a dog walking service is a great way to give your companion some extra exercise and attention while alleviating some of your own guilt. It's also relatively affordable, whether you opt for one extra walk per week or one each day.

Dog Walking Service Average Costs #

The price of a dog walking service depends on the dog walker's training and certifications, the time it takes to travel to your home and any special requests you make.

Here is a general breakdown of prices, according to

  • Half-hour walk - $15 to $20
  • One-hour: $22 to $30
  • Second dog: half price

If you're planning to use the service regularly, you can save money by purchasing multi-day passes. Costs are generally:

  • Five half-hour walks: $60 to $80
  • Ten one-hour walks: $120 to $190.

Keep in mind that prices vary from service to service and in different regions. Prices may be higher in major cities.

Additional Dog Walking Service Costs #

  • Many walkers charge different rates for group walks and solo walks. You can save money by opting for a group walk.
  • Most services don't price by breed, but some charge extra for large breeds.
  • Some services charge extra for early morning/late evening walks.
  • Additional services such as grooming, bathing and feeding are available, but they cost extra.

Choosing a Dog Walking Service #

You shouldn't trust your pet with just anyone. Spend some time researching to find a trustworthy, reliable service. If you need help, ask your veterinarian or local Humane Society for a recommendation.

Many dog walking services will request a meeting with you and your dog before beginning the service. If they don't, ask for one. You want your dog to be acquainted with the person who will be walking him or her before the first day.

Keep in mind that many dog walking services will refuse to take on aggressive dogs. And most require that your dog be up-to-date with vaccinations. You may have to produce paperwork to prove it.