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How Much Does an Emergency Pest Control Service Cost? 24 Hour Pest Control Service Prices

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Most people don't think about pest control until they're already dealing with a pest problem. In some cases, the pest problem needs to be handled immediately, requiring the services of an emergency pest control service.

Continuing Pest Control Services

Pests are a threat all year round. There are some that are active in every season, such as ants, and others that move indoors when the weather changes, such as pillbugs. Other pests may enter your home in search of food, or just because there was an opening. Typically, pests infestations are not fixed by a single treatment. Most insect eggs or larvae are not affected by the same things that kill adults, so combination or follow-up treatments are needed. Others leave invisible odor trails that new pests can follow into the home after the first round has been eliminated.

It is important to act on a pest problem as soon as you notice there is an issue. Pests can present a serious hazard to the health of you and your family, as well as your home.

One-Time Pest Control Services

A smaller or less severe pest problem, such as common (not poisonous) spiders may be eradicated by a single treatment. However, though this may eliminate the arachnids for a few years, it does not mean they will be gone forever. It is not recommended to go with only a one-time service for serious pest problems or those that damage property.

A one-time extermination service is typically guaranteed for at least 30 days. As-needed services are also generally available, and are somewhat of an extension of one-time services, allowing you to contact the company if pests resurface without having to sign a contract.

Emergency Pest Control

If a pest problem crops up on you suddenly, you want to handle it as soon as you can, taking care to eliminate and/or remove every last creature. For this, you want an exterminator that can come out as quickly as possible. Pest control companies are usually able to take care of an emergency infestation within 24 to 48 hours, though some charge more for same-day service. Emergency pest control services are similar to one-time services in that both generally only apply a single treatment. If you have an emergency pest control visit, it is best to contact a recurring service and set up some type of pest-management system.

Integrated Pest Management

As you search for pest control companies, it is important to pay attention to their integrated pest management (IPM). IPM is applicable in any setting, whether it be a small home or a large industrial building. There are four main components in IPM:

  • Action thresholds: This establishes the level at which pests require action. Typically, this is when they are a threat to people or property.
  • Identify and monitor: An important step, this identifies the type of pest you are dealing with and helps to determine a course of action. Identifying and monitoring ensures the exterminator uses the correct methods and techniques.
  • Prevention: For any company with a focus on IPM, prevention is the most important aspect of the job. This involves taking measures to keep pests outside the home, as well as eliminating and removing any existing ones. Prevention also keeps you safe from prolonged exposure to insecticides and returning creatures.
  • Control: If all of the above steps fail to achieve results, control methods are used in gradually increasing steps to eliminate all pests, while minimizing the amount of toxins.

How Much Do Emergency Pest Control Services Cost?

Providing an exact cost for emergency pest control services is impossible without knowing the type of pest and your location. But more than that, much depends on when the emergency occurs. Middle of the night? Weekend? Holiday? In general, expect to pay between 25 percent and 50 percent more than regularly priced pest control services. Below are the non-emergency prices for a variety of pests.

  • Ants have an average removal cost of $250 for regular ants, with carpenter ants costing as much as $1,000 to remove.
  • Bed bugs are difficult to locate and exterminate, with an average removal cost between $500 and $1,000.
  • Bees may be removed without killing them, often by or for a local beekeeper. Bee removal costs average between $100 and $300.
  • Cockroach removal has an average starting cost of $250.
  • Most exterminators offer humane removal methods for mice in addition to standard extermination services. Mice extermination/removal has an average cost around $150.
  • Larger than mice, rats cost more to get rid of, but most exterminators offer humane removal for these, as well. Rat extermination/removal has an average starting cost of $300.
  • Termites are a danger to your home and should be acted on quickly, with termite removal costs averaging around $500.
  • Wasps are incredibly dangerous to people, especially if they are allergic. Wasp removal has an average cost between $200 and $500.

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