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How Much Does a Greenhouse Cost?

Last Updated: January 20, 2022

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A greenhouse is a beautiful retreat where you can enjoy plants in all their beauty and give them environment where they can thrive and be happy. There are two major types of greenhouses. The first type is the classic greenhouse that is made with glass panels. The second is the modern polyethylene panels that are far less expensive than their glass panel predecessor. Whatever kind you build you will be sure to enjoy time spent there.

Greenhouse Costs #

You may buy a very modest greenhouse for about $2,500 at Amazon. This is the most basic type of greenhouse you can purchase for this kind of money. It will have the translucent polyethylene panels, a roof window to let heat and moisture escape, and doors to walk in and out. You may find some nice pre-fabricated greenhouses for $5,000 to $10,000, dome greenhouses. This will provide a very nice greenhouse for the average grower who is looking to grow vegetables for their food or for the gardener looking to keep flowers growing year round.

  • Framing- You will need pre-treated lumber or some other material to frame the greenhouse. Pre-treated wood is the most popular option.
  • Walls- Glass used to be the standard. It's expensive so polyethylene has become the new standard. If you want to build an inexpensive greenhouse you may use thick plastic that is bought on rolls. This will maintain greenhouse temperatures or protect against the elements as well as glass or polyethylene. Polyethylene is the way to go if you can afford it and glass is good if you want a fancy, luxury greenhouse.
  • Heating/Cooling System- You need to regulate the temperatures of your greenhouse some way. It is best to do this with a ground heating/cooling system. It needs to be this way because heat rises. If you put the heating system above plant level the heat will rise and not serve its purpose of keeping the plants warm.
  • Foundation Wall- It is wise to install some kind of barrier or slab at the foundation of the greenhouse. The ground changes temperature with the change of the seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. It will save you money on energy costs to install a foundation wall in the bottom of the greenhouse.

DIY - Build A Greenhouse #

If you plan on doing the project yourself and you have true grit you can get some ideas from Lori Dunn's adventure building her backyard greenhouse.

Things to consider #

Insulation is going to the most important factor in keeping your costs low in the long term of owning your new greenhouse. Learn about keeping heat inside your greenhouse here. Keep insulation and temperature retention at the forefront of your mind throughout your greenhouse shopping process.

The cost will vary greatly depending on local temperatures. Plug in the variables at this Green House Calculator to find out what heater size you will need to purchase and what the monthly heating cost will be.

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