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How Much Does an Invisible Fence Cost?

Invisible Pet Fence Prices

An invisible fence for pets is a safe and humane way to keep your four legged friends from straying outside of the yard. In this buying guide you'll learn how invisible pet fences work, why you should consider installing one, and how much an invisible fence costs.

How Invisible Fences Work

The basic components of invisible pet fencing are the wiring, the transmitter, and the receiver. Below is a breakdown of how they work together to keep your pet contained.

  • The wire is concealed (usually underground) around the perimeter of the property, but you can also use wire to enclose smaller areas (such as gardens or pools) that you want to keep pets out of.
  • A transmitter is plugged into an electric outlet on the property (usually in a basement, garage or other dry, out of the way place). The range of the transmitter depends on whether it is standard or deluxe.
  • The battery-powered receiver is worn on your pet's collar.
  • The transmitter sends a radio signal through the wire that is picked up by the receiver. A pet wearing a receiver collar will hear a warning sound when approaching the wire boundary and fell a light electrical shock if it crosses the threshold.

The Benefits of Invisible Pet Fencing

There are a number of advantages to using an invisible fence to contain your pet, including:

  • Unobstructed view: A pet containment fence made of wood or metal can not only be unsightly, but also block your view of the neighborhood or countryside you live in. By using an invisible fence, you'll improve the appearance of your property and enjoy an unblocked view of the area beyond your yard.
  • Better Training: Invisible fences produce more social and better behaved pets. A physical barrier such as a solid wooden fence can make pets feel threatened and frustrated because they can't identify passersby and other neighborhood pets. By letting them become accustomed to everyday human and pet traffic, they should bark less.
  • Simple to install and maintain: Creating an enclosure with an invisible fence is comparatively simpler and less costly compared to a traditional wooden privacy or chain link fence. And once it's installed, the only maintenance you'll have to perform is changing the batteries on the collar.

Invisible Fence Average Costs

The cost of an invisible fence is primarily affected by the size of your property, the size of the pet(s) to be contained, and whether components such as lightning protection, an additional (or more powerful) receiver, higher-quality wire, and battery backup are included.

  • Invisible fencing cost for a basic prepackaged kit is approximately $100 to $350. A kit at this price should include 500 feet of linear wire (enough for about ΒΌ acre), flags, 1 transmitter, and a collar. For additional components you can expect to pay:
    • $40 to $60 for an expansion kit (enough flags and wire for an acre)
    • $50 to 75 for lightning protection
    • $60 to $80 for an extra collar
    • $100 to $300 for an extra transmitter
  • The total cost for professional invisible fence installation (materials and labor) might be around $750 to $1,500 or more.