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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Stained Glass?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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Every piece of stained glass is a one-of-a-kind work of art that was carefully crafted by a skilled artisan. When stain glass needs to be repaired, then, whether due to an issue with the glass itself, the panel, or the installation, it's necessary to seek out the services of one of these same craftsmen. Although their services don't come cheap, stained glass experts alone have the know-how to restore your unique glasswork to its original beauty.

Common Stained Glass Repairs #

Exterior stained glass windows often suffer damage after years of exposure to the elements. Interior stained glass windows, or stained glass installed on shower doors, mirrors, cabinets, and other indoor fixtures, may get broken during use or simply wear out with age. It may also be the case that you purchased a historic piece of stained glass that you wish to have restored. A stained glass artisan should be able to handle repairs involving both the stained glass and the window panel.

Panel Repairs #

A stained glass window is comprised of individual glass pieces held in place by lead caming strips (zinc foil is often used instead of lead in modern stained glass). Many stained glass windows are close to 100 years old; in their advanced age, the lead and putty holding the glass together begins to deteriorate. When this happens, cracks in the lead can appear, causing the entire window to sag, bulge, warp, or bow. If the damage is not addressed, glass may eventually break and the entire panel can collapse.

Removing, cleaning, and re-grouting the panel, which is more or less routine maintenance, might fix the problem. Rebuilding the frame, however, might be necessary, and is much more expensive, as great care must be taken to match the rebuilt frame to the original.

Glass Repairs #

Cracks in stained glass can sometimes be repaired with an adhesive such as epoxy, silicone, or copper foil. Cracked or broken glass can also be replaced, as can missing glass. The latter option tends to be more expensive because it entails the cost of new glass as well as labor. Expect to pay more if replacement glass needs to be ordered.

Even when the glass is undamaged, it can become filthy with age. Cleaning stained glass can be relatively simple or quite complex depending on the age and condition of the glass as well as how stable the paint is (care must be taken not to remove loosely-adhered paint, which can be found on some older stained glass windows, during cleaning).

Stained Glass Repair Average Costs #

Please bear in mind that all stained glass work is considered custom work. Very few artisans know how to work with stained glass, and those that do can typically get away with charging whatever they deem to be fair. That said, prices vary according to the individual artisan, your location, and the extent of the repair.

  • According to data compiled by, the cost to repair stained glass ranges from $70 to $650, with most customers spending roughly $225 to $325.
  • You might be charged a base repair fee of $60 to $100, plus the cost of the actual work performed.
  • An artisan may charge $50 to $100 per hour (not including materials) for repairs.
  • For glass repairs, you might be charged $30 to $60 per piece of glass, plus the actual cost of the glass.
  • Professional removal and re-installation of stained glass windows costs at least $100 (plan on a minimum of $50 for removal and $50 for installation). Removing/installing difficult-to-access or oversized windows will cost more.

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