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How Much Does It Cost To Install a Closet?

Closet Prices

According to DIY Network, widening an existing closet for more storage space will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. The bottom of the range is for a complete do-it-yourself job, while the higher quote assumes hiring a pro to do the work.

A contractor in New York came up with a price of around $5,000 for an 80 square foot closet space. He broke down the price in the following way: new walls, ~$10/square foot (including painting), baseboard at $5-$6/square foot (including painting), for installing new studs through an existing ceiling, plan on approximately $20 per linear foot to put in the studs and reintegrate the ceiling. Folding closet doors are around $250 apiece. Other odds and ends such as a hanging rod, assembly and labor will come to roughly $1000 for a total cost of just over $5,000.

This do-it-yourselfer completed a 12-foot long by 26 inch deep closet for around $1,500.

Even though a closet seems like a very straightforward job it must be up to code in terms of electrical and lighting and may require a permit. Check with your town or city for more details. Also, adding a closet may change the configuration of your home. For example, sometimes a closet must be installed in order for a room to be considered a bedroom. If you do install a closet you may have to pay extra in fees for the upgraded status.

A walk-in closet, usually designated as six feet by six feet, often have their own regulations in regards to lighting and ventilation. Again, check with your municipality for requirements.

Receive free quotes from multiple professionals in your local area who specialize in building a new custom closets. We will connect you to insured professionals who will speak with you about your project, provide you with a bit of advice, and a free, no obligation quote. Choose the best contractor for you and enjoy your new closet space!

Closet Organizer Costs

Many people combine a new closet with some kind of closet organizer, although it can certainly be added to an older closet as well to contain clutter and save space. Closet organizers include what are called "reach-ins". They are usually built into a closet. Although, some are free-standing. You could spend up to $1000 or more for ten foot long closet organization systems constructed of solid wood, containing a variety of hangers, shelves and shoe organizers. Smaller, 6 to 8 foot closet organizer systems are cheaper, as are versions made of particle board or metal which can be bought for $200 to $600. Mix and match closet organizing items like a rolling garment rack (about $50), a chrome wire tiered shelving unit (about $100) and a shoe organizer (about $50). Most of these require some assembly and the ability to use tools such as a drill, measuring tape and level.