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How Much Does Deck Pressure Washing Cost?

Last Updated: January 13, 2022

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Dirt and debris out there can make your deck look less appealing than it should. However, you can change all of that with a quick pressure washing process. Not only will the appearance be better but you can get rid of mold, dirt, stains, and even signs of use and aging in the process. Should you be planning to stain or paint your deck, it is a good idea to complete the pressure washing process prior to doing so. This will give you the best possible surface for those elements to adhere to.

Pressure Washing Costs #

The biggest cost with deck pressure washing has to do with the rental of the equipment. If you are able to do the work during the week you may be able to get a lower daily rate than renting such equipment for the weekend. You definitely want to take your time to explore the equipment too. There is quite a bit of difference out there in the quality of the results you will get.

You should be able to rent a great pressure washer though for about $40 to $75 per day. You definitely want to make sure the equipment you get is easy enough to use. It also needs to be safe for the type of surface that you will be using it on. If you get your deck ready the day before you should be able to complete the work in one day to help reduce the cost of paying for another day of rental.

Some people want to get a return on their investment though so they go out and buy a small but good quality deck pressure washer. You should be able to buy one for about $150 to $500. Then you can easily get it out any time you want to clean your deck or even your home.

There are professionals that can be hired to pressure wash your deck as well. They have commercial equipment that works better as well as faster for your needs. The cost is usually very affordable, and can be as low as $.08 per square foot. It can also be as high as $.40 per square foot though. Therefore you do need to take your time to get some great estimates before you work with any particular contractor for the job.

When you rent or buy pressure washing equipment, it needs to offer you all of the instructions for proper use. It also needs to help you understand the PSI that should be used to complete the work. Not enough pressure will make it hard to get quality results. However, too much pressure can damage your deck so be well aware of that.

There can be additional costs when you hire contractors to pressure wash your deck. For example they can also give you the option of having your windows or your entire home including the driveway washed. You can decline such additional costs but they may be able to offer you a great deal since they are already there to work for you. Perhaps you can get several of your neighbors to get the services the same day and get a lower rate for everyone due to the additional work.

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