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How Much Does Basement Flood Cleanup Cost?

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

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Basement flooding can cause major headaches for homeowners, especially if the basement is finished. Wet sheetrock, wet insulation, and excessive moisture in the air can cause mold and mildew. Wet framing can also cause mold and mildew. Soaked framing is especially bad because it can lead to structural damage that can add tens of thousands in repair bills. Water damage in your basement is usually caused by heavy rainfall, flooding, burst pipes or broken water lines. The best way to avoid large repair bills is to get the problem fixed as fast as possible.

Water Damage Cleanup Costs #

Depending on the size, a light cleanup of your basement could cost as little as $1,000. This is the cost to fix water damage and dry your basement thoroughly. This does not include the potential thousands lost in damp or drenched furniture, rugs, or other possessions. For extensive mildew and mold damage the price tag could be anywhere from $3,000-$4,000 to as much as $10,000 to hire a professional. If you call a professional early enough, they may be able to avoid mold and mildew damage by drying out the area with industrial grade dehumidifiers and box fans.

The two variables that affect cost the most are the amount of water you have in your basement and the extent of mold or mildew damage. Once mold and mildew take hold, the affected area most always needs to be taken out and replaced. If your basement is affected by a flood there is a health concern as flood waters can breed disease and toxicity. Make sure to properly protect yourself with protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection if you must enter the flood waters.

Tips to Help Keep Flood Costs Down #

It is a good idea to keep everything you store in your basement inside sealed plastic bins. Plastic is not affected by water. Moreover, mold and mildew is easily cleaned up with bleach. Store the contents as high as you are able.

When flooding starts or is expected then turn off all gas powered appliances in the basement. Shut the electricity off in the basement, as well. This can save you from having to replace power outlets, surge protectors, and whatever was plugged into them.

Try to take photos of your basement before any water damage occurs. This way, if your basement is flooded, you can take pictures after the event and use them for any insurance claims. Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage but it will cover other types of water damage. Flood insurance is a separate entity! Know what your insurance covers and what it does not.

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