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How Much Does Lubbock Christian University Cost?

Lubbock Christian University Tuition Prices

Lubbock Christian University is a well established school with over 50 years of heritage. The campus life is rich and rewarding with lots of activities, sports, and programs available for all types of interests. The main campus is located in the heart of Lubbock, Texas. You can also attend LCU online! Get your education in any one of their fields of study. Earn your bachelor degree or further your education with Lubbock's continuing education programs. LCU offers Graduate Programs in addition to their main curriculum. Get information from LCU's admissions center now!

Lubbock Christian Tuition Costs

It costs $8,000 to $10,000 per semester to attend Lubbock Christian University. The costs will be towards the higher end of the spectrum if you decide to take 5 classes, rather than the standard 4 classes per semester. This cost includes the health services fee of $30 to $80 per semester. It also includes a require semester fee of $300 to $600. How much you pay in fees for health services and required fees depends on your attendance level. Students taking more credits, naturally, pay more than those taking fewer credits. If you are taking on the standard 4 class course load you can expect to be closer to the $8,000 per semester cost.

Miscellaneous Fees and Costs - Lubbock Christian

  • Drop Course Fee $25 per course
  • Add Course Fee $25 per course
  • Graduation Course $150
  • Online Class Fee $100
  • Audit Tuition $100 per hour $90 fee
  • Ring Fee $90 per semester for the 1st four semesters

Online Programs at LCU

  • Online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.
  • Master of Science in Leadership.
  • Master of Science in Human Services.

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