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How Much Does Call Center Management School Cost?

Call Center Management School Prices

Call center managers are responsible for the day to day activities of inbound or outbound call centers. A minimum of a bachelor's degree—plus relevant job experience—is required for most positions.

Call Center Manager Considerations

Job Duties

Call center managers lead a team of call center agents who provide customer service, technical support, and telemarketing services. Managers should therefore possess leadership and customers service skills. But as a study performed by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology points out, call center managers must balance customer service needs with the budgetary concerns of the organization.

Specific job duties of call center managers include:

  • Recruiting, training, and monitoring the performance of agents
  • Conducting performance reviews and providing additional training as needed
  • Determining and developing call center operational strategies and systems
  • Preparing call center performance reports
  • Preparing an annual budget and taking corrective action to meet the budget


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that call center managers earn a mean annual salary of $101,200 ($48.65 per hour). puts the median salary of call center managers at $54,628 while estimates a median inbound call center manager salary of $76,902.

Another way to gauge the approximate salary of call center managers is to visit a job listing website such as or and explore the starting pay of listed call center management positions.


A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required for many call center manager jobs. Experience may be substituted for education, however, depending on the employer and job duties.

Students interested in securing a managerial position might pursue a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, information technology, or a related field. Programs specific to call center management aren't offered at the undergraduate level but you might be able to obtain a business management degree with a specialization in call center management at either the bachelor's or associate's degree level.

A master's degree in business administration (i.e. an MBA) is another option for students interested in call center management. Whatever level of education a student decides on, coursework in computer science, labor relations, economics, and communications should prove valuable.

Professional certification from organizations like the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) and the Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals (RCCSP) can also improve career prospects.

Call Center Management School Average Costs

Here's how much students can expect to pay in tuition and fees per academic year (not including room and board and other related expenses such as books) for higher education programs:

  • Associate's degree: $3,000 to $3,500
  • Bachelor's degree: $8,500 to $30,000
  • Master's degree: $7,500 to $26,000
  • Source: The College Board Trends in College Pricing 2012
  • Professional training and certification from ICMI or RCCSP costs approximately $3,000 to $5,000.
  • For the most accurate tuition information, contact individual schools. Schools can also provide information about available student aid. Visit the U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid website for an overview of financial aid options.

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