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How Much Does a Used Trade Show Display Cost?

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Used Trade Show Booth Prices

If you're interested in attending trade shows to grow your business' customer base but the high costs of a new exhibit are prohibitive, consider buying a used trade show display. Although you may not be able to get the exact display that you're looking for when buying used, a minimal investment in refurbishment and/or customization can make a previously owned trade show display match your specific needs. Using this approach you'll still save money while putting your business in a great position to grow its brand at trade shows. This buying guide highlights the benefits of purchasing a used trade show exhibit, offers advice on how to buy a used display, and provides straightforward pricing information.

Reasons to Buy a Used Trade Show Display

Buying used trade show exhibits has a number of benefits over buying new displays, including:

  • They are cheaper: On average, used trade show displays cost half of what new displays do, with some estimates putting savings at close to 90 percent. Among the costs you can reduce by buying used displays are vendor consulting fees, custom order fees, and other new retail order fees.
  • Customization is still possible: Buying trade show displays used doesn't preclude effectively projecting your business' essence by displaying its name and logo. Some companies offer trade show display refurbishment that includes everything from minor surface touch-ups to slight modification to total overhaul. And for businesses such as design firms (or if you're just handy) that have the resources and know how to make alterations, the savings can be even more profound.
  • Going green: Buying a used trade show display made from recycled materials can be part of your business' overall strategy to be environmentally friendly and a way to demonstrate to customers your commitment to sustainable practices.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Trade Show Display

Following these steps should help you find the used trade show exhibit that's right for you.

  • Understand exactly what you want: Due to the huge variety of used trade show displays on the market, it's useful to make a list of the type, size, layout, flexibility, etc. of your desired exhibit. This will help you narrow your search and find what you're looking for.
  • Keep an open mind: Understanding that you may not be able to get exactly what you want (at least not without some modifications) will help temper expectations. You can also keep things in perspective by remembering that you're saving money.
  • Perform some initial research: Because you already know that your used trade show display may require some customizations or refurbishment be sure to do some research before you buy so that you know what companies can perform the moderations you require and supply replacement parts if they're needed.

Average Used Trade Show Display Costs - Samples

Use the following prices for popular trade show display types to get a rough idea of how much your used exhibit will cost.

  • Sample prices for used pop up and panel trade show displays include:
    • Roughly $500-$600 for an eight foot by ten foot display with a carrying case/podium, cover, and halogen lights.
    • Approximately $700-$800 for a 10 ft booth with black Velcro panels, lights, and wheeled travel cases.
    • Around $2,000 -$3,000 for a 20 foot display with graphics, lights, cases with podium conversion kits, repair kits, and more.
  • Used tabletop trade show displays might cost around $250-$500 for a 7 ft. x 4 ft. exhibit with lights to $750-$1,500 for a 75" x 36" display with lights and a carrying case.
  • Used banner stand trade show displays cost approximately $100-$200 for an "X" style display to $200-$300 for a 48" telescoping or retractable unit.
  • A complete, used trade show exhibit measuring 20ft x 20ft with 4 towers, interior lighting, wood plank floor and magazine rack costs around $3,000-$5,000.
  • A complete, used, modular 20 ft. trade show display costs around $4,000-$6,000.
  • A used modular trade show display with 4 towers, 1 counter, 2 workstations, 3 pedestals, and 1 stage/theater costs approximately $20,000-$30,000.
  • A 20 x 20 used trade show booth with lighting, chairs, shelving, and more costs around $10,000 to $15,000.

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