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How Much Does a Pop Up Trade Show Display Cost?

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Pop Up Trade Show Booth Prices

Trade shows are one of the best ways for businesses to reach a new segment of their target audience. But the reality is that you will be competing with your trade show "neighbors" for buyers' attention, and without a strong display, your business will quickly be lost in the shuffle. For entrepreneurs who value portability and cost-effectiveness, a pop up trade show display is a great way to express the essence of your enterprise and attract customers to your booth. This buying guide explains the basics of purchasing a pop up trade show display and offers straightforward pricing information.

Overview of Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Pop up trade show booths have accordion-like frames that conveniently fold up for easy storage and transport. When they "pop up" and are fully opened these displays form freestanding curved or angled walls that can be covered with fabric, vinyl, or plastic panels that allow you to hang exhibits and/or display graphics. Many can even be outfitted with shelves, LCD monitors, and literature racks and topped with lights to really make your display stand out.

When collapsed, a 10-foot pop up trade show display fits into one or two carrying cases that can double as a podium or small table and weigh around 60-70 pounds combined. While this type of trade show display can easily be set up by a single person in around 15 minutes, it offers minimal flexibility, as the collapsible frame only locks in place to a single, predetermined size.

The most popular size for a pop up trade show booth is 10 foot, but they are also available in:

  • 4 foot
  • 6 foot
  • 8 foot
  • 20 foot

Pop up trade show booths can also display material in a number of ways, including:

  • Velcro panels, which are affixed to the frame after it has been erected.
  • A mural panel, wherein the display is printed on a mural fabric and attached to the frame, making setup even easier.
  • Photo displays, wherein photos are mounted on mural fabric (often by magnets). They are favored by these who want to display custom, large-format graphics.
  • 3D: 3D displays allow graphic panels to be arranged in such a way that they provide a 3-dimensional effect that can really catch a prospective customer's eye.

Popup Trade Show Display Sample Costs

If you're ready to buy a popup trade show display for your next exhibit, keep reading to get a better idea of how much you can expect to pay.

  • A basic 10-foot pop up display panel that includes graphics and accessories such as lights might cost approximately $2,000 to $6,000.
  • Actual prices paid by customers nationwide for pop up trade show displays include:
    • Around $3,000 by a Texas company for a 10 ft pop-up display with a custom-printed center logo, center panel with printed logo, fabric side panels, shelving, and lights plus delivery.
    • Roughly $3,500 by a California accountant for a pair of 10 foot pop up displays plus an extra set of lights, a pair of banner stands and graphics cases and three monitor cases.
    • Approximately $1,500 by a government employee in Alaska for a 10ft display plus hardware bag, 4 mural panels ,2 end panels, 2 lights, an oval display case, and shipping.
    • A table top pop up trade show display might cost around $500 to $2,500 including graphics and accessories.

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