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How Much Does a Construction Time & Attendance System Cost?

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When you work in construction, the job site is your office. There are no computers on hand that employees can use to clock in or out, forcing many construction firms to rely on the old method of paper time cards. The problem is, paper time cards are unreliable. Even honest employees may forget how many hours they worked and guess at the end of the week. Employees that are not so honest might add a few minutes or hours to make an extra buck.

Portable time and attendance systems were designed with the construction industry in mind. They allow your employees to clock in and out directly from the job site using a rugged, portable time clock. They help control labor cost by keeping track of exactly how many hours your employees worked. This is especially important because labor is generally a construction firm's greatest expense.

About Construction Time and Attendance Systems

Portable time and attendance systems consist of one or more sturdy time clocks that employees use to clock in and out, and the software that keeps track of employee hours to send that information to your payroll department. Time clocks are generally attached to padlock-like devices so they can be secured to a fixed structure on the job site. The time clocks are rugged enough to survive harsh weather, including rain and snow. Employees clock in and out using individual key fobs or similar devices.

You can go as basic or as sophisticated as you like with a construction time and attendance systems. The most basic systems consist of one time clock, a handful of employee key fobs and basic software to keep track of employee hours. If you're willing to spend a little more, you might opt for GPS technology that allows supervisors to verify an employee's location from a remote location or Bluetooth technology that allows supervisors to check time and attendance records with their smartphones.

Portable Time and Attendance System Average Costs

Portable time and attendance systems for the construction industry begin at around $600 to $1,000. For that price, you'll receive a basic starter pack that includes one time clock, software and key fobs for up to 10 employees.

  • The TimePilot Extreme Starter Kit comes with 10 key fobs and retails for about $650 to $850. Additional clocks will have an average cost of $350 to $500 each and additional key fobs are sold in sets of 10 for $60.
  • The ExakTime JobClock Starter Pack sells for $1,000. It includes key fobs for up to five employees, a portable clock, software and six months of customer support.

If you have a larger staff or multiple work sites, the cost will be much higher. If you have 100 employees at five job sites, for example, you'll need to buy at least four additional time clocks and 90 additional key fobs. That brings the total cost to about $2,000. And if you opt for features like GPS or Bluetooth technology, plan on paying anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

Any vendor you're considering should be able to walk you through all of the options available. Just be prepared to tell them how many employees you have and how many job sites you operate at a time. A vendor should also be able to help you estimate some of the long-term savings that are possible by eliminating the possibility of employees rounding up or adding extra hours to their time cards.

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