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What Is the Average Delivery Time for a Steel Building?

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A steel building is an excellent choice for multiple building types, for both commercial and residential purposes. A major benefit to steel buildings is the reduced amount of labor and time they take from start to finish in comparison to more traditional building materials. But many people are uncertain of the process at first and don't quite know when they will get their steel building.

What Do You Need to Do Before Your Steel Building Is Delivered?

First things first, it is important that the site of your steel building has been carefully thought out. The area must be properly staged, with enough room for the delivery driver to access the space. Be sure that all site-work has been completed before the delivery of materials.

You need to make arrangements for your erection contractor to be on-site on the day of delivery. They need to verify that everything has been delivered and accounted for. If you are erecting the building yourself, it is crucial that you be incredibly thorough to make sure no parts are damaged or missing.

If you have a contractor, be sure that your contract states who will be off-loading and staging the materials, as the manufacturer does not supply equipment or labor. The equipment you need depends on the size of your building, but most necessitate pallet jacks, a crane, and/or a forklift.

Steel Building Design Plans

If your steel building is customized, the accuracy of the plans you deliver has a direct impact on the amount of time it takes the engineered drawings to make it through the approval process. The more detail you provide, the easier it is to make the final plans come together. Try to create a drawing that is as close to what you want as possible to ensure an accurate quote and building. It is a good idea to include the layout and geometry of the building in your sketch. The more precise your plans, the better and faster the building comes together.

Steel Building Production and Delivery Time

After the engineered drawings have been approved, it is time to gather materials for production. The materials used affect production time, with custom materials being harder to obtain and in-stock materials reducing time to completion. Selecting colors may also increase production time. Fabrication does not begin until the materials are available; anything not in stock has to be created or purchased.

Once the materials have been gathered and all components produced, the steel building is ready to ship. The distance from the manufacturer to the building site, the roadway to the site, and the weather conditions all contribute to the time it takes to ship. Delivery times are highly variable, differing from project to project. Most companies provide an exact date and/or time to make sure you are ready for delivery.

Steel Building Assembly and Completion

The amount of time it takes to assemble and fully complete a steel building comes down to the weather, size of the building, type of building, and local building codes. Harsh weather causes issues with equipment and can be dangerous to work in. During heavy rain or snow, these issues are more prevalent and it is more difficult to even reach the job site.

Larger, more complex steel buildings take longer to assemble than standard or DIY steel buildings. The building layout makes a difference, as well, with more doors and windows requiring more construction time. Steel buildings also need climate control, which requires additional work for the ducts and insulation. Exterior features, such as downspouts and gutters, add to the construction time.

Always be sure that the plans for your steel building are up to any codes or regulations within your area. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to change plans to meet these rules, extending the amount of time and work that goes into the project.

How Much Do Steel Buildings Cost?

Steel building costs vary based on the size of the building, type of building, customizations, your location, and the seller you purchase through. What follows is a general price guide to provide an idea of what you can expect to pay for your steel building.

  • A steel building that measures 15' x 20' has an average cost between $8,600 and $14,600.
  • A steel building that measures 30' x 40' has an average cost between $14,900 and $20,900.
  • A steel building that measures 40' x 60' has an average cost between $21,000 and $28,000.
  • A steel building that measures 50' x 100' has an average cost between $34,000 and $42,000.

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