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How Much Does a CPI Business Security System Cost?

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What Businesses Should Know About CPI Business Security System

CPI Security is a company that offers various security solutions for homes and businesses. The CPI Business Security System for example, is a security package for businesses and aims at protecting businesses from all forms of infractions. In this package, a business can get notification alerts in case of an intruder, monitoring systems and customizable security packages.

Benefits of Using CPI Business Security System

CPI Business Security System offers 24/7 monitoring and real time response solutions that can quickly notify security personnel in the event of an activated alarm. Alarm systems included in this package are advanced and business owners can actually check all alarm settings on a digital LCD keypad. One innovative feature of CPI Security is the inTouch package. This security package allows business owners to monitor their businesses remotely either from an internet connection or a smartphone. The CPI Business Security System also allows business owners to remotely activate and deactivate alarms, receive text and email notifications in case of an emergency and change security codes remotely.

Points To Consider When Choosing CPI Business Security System

  •         Innovative features - CPI Business Security System has innovative packages that are aimed at protecting businesses from all forms of security breaches and/or emergencies.
  •         Security packages – it is important to consider the business security packages of the company before choosing it. In this case consider such things as infrared IP cameras, custom control panels with LCD display, digital backlight compensation, battery backup, motion detectors, real-time microphone and speaker and two door contacts.
  •         Customer support – customer support is an important factor all security companies should offer. This is because security systems sometimes fail and proper customer support can help in fixing system failures.

Price Comparison of CPI Business Security System and Other Similar Systems

Unlike other security companies that offer business security systems, CPI Business Security System is cheaper. Basically, business security packages offered by different security companies are not all the same. However, you find that where a business security system package includes digital backlight compensation, day-night cameras, variable high speed electronic shutters and motion detectors, CPI Business Security System offers all these at a monthly price of $29.95. Other companies offer this package at $35.95.

Sample Prices Of CPI Business Security System

The CPI Business Security System package is relatively cheap. The monthly payment for this system is a flat rate of $29.95 and with this amount you will be able to get remote keyless door locks, wired or wireless control panel, remote thermostat, 720 HD camera with night vision capabilities, motion detector, real time response which includes video and audio verification, free security application for mobile phones and tablets, door contacts and fire communicator. However, you will be required to pay an upfront fee of $99.00 when installing the CPI Business Security System. This is perhaps the downside of the security package since some companies do not have upfront fees when installing business security systems.

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