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How Much Does a Commercial Surveillance System Cost?

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Understanding Commercial Surveillance and Why it is Important

Commercial surveillance is the close monitoring of security operations within a commercial establishment by using security cameras. These security cameras are used to enhance commercial intelligence and aid in putting a lid on costs of theft. With commercial surveillance, this can aid commercial buildings to deploy their personnel in an effective way for the purposes of combating security threats. Commercial surveillance comes with the state-of-the-art video equipment and digital systems to offer ample security for commercial buildings. Depending on the size of the building the system is wanted for, it may be more complicated than at first thought.

Pros of Commercial Surveillance

Commercial surveillance ensures safety in a commercial workspace while at the same time protecting assets. This is achieved by using state-of-the-art commercial security cameras. Many commercial surveillance systems allow commercial buildings to choose standalone cameras. Standalone video cameras are essential because they can cover the most vulnerable areas of a commercial building such as cash registers and safes. In addition, standalone video cameras can capture every event that is happening at the commercial building. Commercial surveillance systems can also be installed outside of a commercial building. In this case, weatherproof cameras are used in order to manage the security aspect of the commercial building, cut down on property damage and vandalism. With multi-camera systems installed in a commercial building, this can help increase security and reduce the toil on security personnel. Cameras can also cover areas where it is thought most thefts occur.

Points to Consider When Looking for a Commercial Surveillance System

  •    Remote Surveillance – a good commercial surveillance system should accommodate remote surveillance. This is to enable security personnel in a commercial building to observe events within and outside of the commercial building through the cameras but from a remote location.
  •    Networked Video Solutions – the reason to consider networked video solutions is to allow the IT infrastructure in a commercial building to be used effectively to route video cameras throughout the enterprise. Integrated commercial systems can serve as single points of contact for all commercial IT needs and commercial video security systems.
  •    Surveillance Monitors – it is important that a commercial surveillance system provider should allow you to choose from a range of monitors to help survey a commercial building. Some of the monitors should include LCD screens, which should come with touch features, flat panels and public view options.

Sample Prices for Commercial Surveillance

It is not easy to determine the best prices for commercial surveillance systems due to the many players involved as well as a host of features to consider. In most cases, the cost of implementing a commercial surveillance system will depend on the equipment used. Equipment may include the software to be installed on dedicated computers, USB receivers to be plugged into available outlets, wireless video cameras to be mounted in specific locations and DVR or Network Attached Storage devices. It is therefore important to get quotes from different companies in order to determine the prices for each system and the overall prices for implementing the system

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