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How Much Does Promotional Stationary Cost? (envelopes, notepads, paper, etc.)

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Promotional items are designed to put your company's name and logo in front of potential customers. The best promo items are those that recipients will see and use every day.

Stationary is a popular promotional item precisely for that reason. Most people will place the stationary on their desk or in a drawer and make regular use of it. Each time they reach for a piece of paper, they're reminded of your company's name and logo.

Promotional stationary is also affordable. Prices vary greatly depending on the type of product you choose, but the smallest notepads begin at around $.25 each. At that price, you can afford to get your brand name in front of hundreds or thousands of potential customers.

Types of Promotional Stationary #

There are dozens upon dozens of options when it comes to promotional stationary. You can opt for small notepads with just 25 sheets or larger-sized scratch pads with 50 sheets. You can choose sticky notes or non-adhesive paper. You can choose full color or black and white.

The smallest and least expensive notepads are 4X3 with a small logo. Larger scratch pads come in 4X6 and 5X7 sizes. If you're willing to spend a little extra, spiral notebooks and note cubes are also available in a variety of sizes and color options.

The most expensive stationary items are pieces like padfolios and day planners. For large orders, these items can be cost prohibitive. But, the tradeoff is that there's little chance your customers will simply toss them in the garbage.

Promotional Stationary Average Costs #

The price of promotional stationary item depends of the size of the product, the quality of the materials used to make it, and the color and logo options you select. Here's a sampling of what you can expect to pay for various items:

  • Small 4X3 notepads with 25 sheets generally cost $.20 to $.30 each.
  • Larger 4X6 notepads with 50 sheets run about $.60 to $.80.
  • Spiral notebooks - available either with or without a pen - usually cost $2 to $3 each.
  • Plan to pay to spend about $1 to $2 each for a note cube that is a half-inch think, $2 to 3 for a cube that is 1.5 inches thick and up to $6 for a cube that is three inches thick.
  • Padfolios tend to run $5 to $7 each.
  • Promotional envelopes vary widely in price, starting at about $1 to $2 for a polypropylene envelope to $6 for a customized metallic bubble envelope.

Many promotional companies have a minimum number of items you must order to lock in the lowest price. Lower priced items usually have higher minimums of around 500 while higher priced items might have minimums of 75 to 150. Some companies also charge a fee to set up and prepare your order; but, it is generally no more than $100.

Most companies also charge extra for any graphic design work that needs to be done. You can save money by providing your own logo or artwork. If you don't have a graphic designer on staff, consider hiring a freelancer.

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