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How Much Does a Comcash POS System Cost?

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Comcash Point of Sale System Prices

Comcash was founded in 1996 and, since then, has grown its customer base to more than 5,000 businesses in the in the retail and restaurant industries. The company's core product is its Comcash point of sale (POS) technology. These systems are developed by the Comcash team with decades of POS system experience. Each new year, they strive to release enhanced products. Comcash offers a number of POS solutions, including restaurant POS systems and retail POS systems that are ideal for small to mid-sized bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and quick serve restaurants. For its larger clients, Comcash additionally offers consulting, custom point of sale solution development, and ongoing custom software maintenance. Between the year 1995 and 2000 Comcash was ranked as one of Orange County's fastest growing technology companies. Their strategic partnerships with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Honeywell ensure they remain on the cutting edge of POS technology throughout this decade and beyond.

Major Applications of a Comcash POS System

Comcash POS Systems are feature rich, allowing your business to perform a wide-range of functions aimed at improving customer service and boosting profit margins. The specific functions included in a Comcash POS system depend on the type of business and your specific needs, but generally include:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Product lookup
  • Touchscreen input
  • Inventory management (including ordering and receiving)
  • Generating sales reports
  • Tracking customer purchase history
  • Managing customer loyalty programs
  • Global price changes
  • On-the-fly discounts
  • Age check

As an example of Comcash's industry-specific POS solutions, the company offers a Fuel Management System for convenience store gas pumps and a Liquor Monitoring system for bars and restaurants. And with Comcash's Back Office Manager System you can oversee store operations such as employee management, advanced reporting, surveillance, and even stay on top of taxes via full integration with QuickBooks accounting. In addition to POS software solutions, Comcast also offers hardware, peripherals, and a new mobile POS option.

Comcash POP System Average Costs

Ready to purchase a point of sale system from Comcash? Depending on the type of business you operate and the number of station you require, prices can vary considerably. The costs described below, however, should give you an idea of how much your Comcash POS system will cost.

  • You can purchase Comcash POS software for around $1,000. Software, at this price, should include two registered users in addition to one back office user and provide features such as barcode scanning and printing, inventory check and control, split tender transactions, serial number tracking, customer history, multiple price and tax levels, and much more.
  • A Comcash all-in-one POS system costs approximately $3,000. A system at this price would include Comcash POS Software in addition to a computer, touchscreen monitor, built-in debit and credit card interface, barcode scanner, cash register, and a receipt printer.

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