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How Much Does BenefitMall (Formerly Compupay) Payroll Service Cost?

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Quick Summary: BenefitMall PayFocus Payroll Services Pricing #

For a small business averaging around 25 employees, BenefitMall charges a base fee of $70 per payroll cycle plus $2.25 per employee. They also charge $60 plus $7 per employee for year-end tax preparation.

BenefitMall (Formerly CompuPay) Payroll Pricing

*In May 2012, CompuPay and BenefitMall announced the merger of their payroll companies.

*Although neither company has made an official annoucement, it appears that BenefitMall payroll has been acquired by ADP Payroll.

BenefitMall is an industry-leading payroll provider that has been serving small and midsize U.S. businesses for more than 30 years. By offering products and services that are constantly refined to reflect the ever-evolving needs of today's businesses, BenefitMall hopes to provide its clients with an outstanding experience. The company's exemplary service is designed to help businesses become smarter, faster, and more streamlined now and for years to come. Clients of BenefitMall can expect to receive service and value that is worthy of its vision of "Being the Best! One payroll at a time."

What's Included with BenefitMall Payroll Services #

In keeping with its "One payroll at a time" philosophy, BenefitMall offers personalized client services that treat your payroll like it's the most important in the world. Its business payroll services include:

  • Online Payroll Services: Payroll service online is becoming increasingly popular because of its flexibility and convenience. Using BenefitMall online payroll you can manage your payroll 24 hours a day anywhere internet is available while also having access to superior client services. Choose from BenefitMall's PowerPayroll, XpressPayroll, and BenefitMall PayrollOnline.

  • Payroll Software: BenefitMall offers two payroll software solutions—PayLoad and Payright—to meet your business' needs.

  • Phone/Fax Payroll: Simply pick up the phone to call in your payroll or fax it to BenefitMall.

  • Specialty Payroll: BenefitMall offer specialty payroll services to the construction, trade, and restaurant industries.

  • After Payroll Solutions: Broadening the scope of its dedication to quality, accuracy, and premiere customer service, BenefitMall After Payroll Solutions offer businesses of all sizes integrated solutions that cover:

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Employer Benefits

  • Section 125 & Flex Plans

  • Timekeeping

  • Employee Background Screening

  • Expense Management

  • 401 (k)


  • HR Solutions

  • Paycards

  • Tax Credit Recovery

The Benefits of Using BenefitMall Payroll Services #

Businesses with as few as one employee and as many as 5,000 can benefit from BenefitMall's simple and cost effective payroll services. The advantages of BenefitMall's payroll outsourcing service include:

  • Reduced costs and workload: allowing you to focus on taking care of your customers and growing your business.
  • Flexible processing methods: giving you a number of ways to submit your information and pay your employees.
  • Superior customer service: delivered by payroll specialists, many of whom are certified by the American Payroll Association.
  • Guaranteed Results: rest assured that you won't get slapped with costly fines with BenefitMall's offer to pay any tax penalties for inaccuracies or lateness that it is responsible for.

BenefitMall Payroll Services Sample Costs #

It can be difficult to say precisely how much payroll outsourcing will cost for your business, as individual options drive pricing. The figures provided below, however, should give you a better idea of the cost of BenefitMall payroll services.

  • Basic payroll processing services typically have a per-check fee of around $0.80 and $2.00 per check in addition to a base account fees that vary based on how many employees you have and how often they are paid.
  • Add-ons such as tax filing (around $5 per payroll period), issuing year-end W-2s (about $1 per form), administering 401 (k) accounts, and more cost extra, but BenefitMall offers bundled pricing that allows you to pay one low fee instead of numerous individual fees.
  • Monthly costs generally cover paycheck processing, online access, tax filing, and direct deposit costs. Based on the size of your business, you can expect to pay the following:
  • A business with 1 employee: around $10-$50 per month.
  • Businesses with more than 1 but fewer than 10 employees: approximately $25 to $125 per month.
  • Businesses with 10-150 employees: roughly $50 to $250 per payroll.

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