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Office Water Delivery: How Much Water Do I Need for my Employees?

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Providing consistent access to crisp, refreshing water is an easy way to promote a better work performance and maintain a level and pleasant work environment. Regularly drinking water and taking water breaks can allow your employees a moment to step back from the daily grind and take a moment to recharge, as well as prevent headaches that can be brought on by stress or high work loads. With benefits like this, it is far from surprising that offices are continually looking to set up some type of water delivery system for their employees.

Water Cooler Options

There are two standard water cooler options that the majority of vendors and manufacturers provide: bottled and bottleless, also known as point-of-use. Bottled water coolers are most likely what comes to mind when you picture a water cooler: a large bottle that attaches to the top of the unit that dispenses water the flick of a tap or press of a button. In addition to the top load bottled cooler, there are bottom load bottled water coolers that store the bottle inside of the unit itself. The bottles used in these systems are typically delivered monthly and recycled after use.

Bottleless point-of-use water coolers, on the other hand, hook directly into a water line and filter the water inside the unit itself. This eliminates the need for plastic water bottles and provides an eco-friendly water dispenser option. It also cuts down on any monthly rental or delivery fees, since there are no bottles or delivery charges. Keep in mind, however, that there would still be a standard rental fee and a monthly maintenance fee, most likely with scheduled cleanings, filter changes, and general upkeep.

Either option is a wonderful way to provide water for your office without placing a burden on the environment or overpaying for water.

Calculating How Much Water Your Business Needs

The amount of water typically consumed in an office environment working eight hour shifts is generally 2.5 gallons per employee, per month during the non-summer months, increasing to 5 gallons per employee during the summer. In consistently hot climates or warehouse environments, that usage can be expected to double. It is important that you consider the climate of your office as well as the amount of employees since that directly determines the amount of money you can expect to spend for your water cooler or coolers.

If you find that the amount of water that will be consumed in your office space leads to an inordinate amount of water bottles being ordered, then it may be in your best interest to choose a bottleless system instead of the traditional bottled system. Hooking a unit up directly to a water line is easier and less expensive than changing out and paying for upwards of 15 water bottles a month. But also remember that for a bottleless system you will need to be able to connect to a water line, which can be limiting when it comes to placement.

Choosing a Water Delivery Vendor

The majority of water delivery companies and services have fairly similar distillation methods, so when choosing a vendor it may come down to factors such as any added amenities, bottle size, delivery schedule, and subscription options that help you make a final decision. They may seem like extras, but these are all important factors in deciding what will work best for you. Some companies may provide water coolers for free with the rental and delivery contract, while other may require that you purchase or rent them. Also make sure that you choose a company that offers the necessary bottle sizes, as you don’t want to go with a service that only offers bottles that are too large or too small for your needs.

Consider how often you need or want your deliveries to be scheduled. A company may have everything else you need, but if they only deliver every six months and you want bi-monthly delivery, then it isn’t going to work out. Similarly, think about the subscription options that each company provides. Most offer one-time deliveries, as well as tiered subscriptions that can be anything from a month to a year. Picking the right subscription option is important as it may tie you to a specific company for a long time. It can be a good idea to do a trial period for different companies or start off with shorter subscriptions to give them a test run. Look into everything that a company or service has to offer before making your final decision.

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