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Whether it's to start the day or simply to provide some extra energy, coffee is an important part of many people's daily routine. Offering coffee to your employees boosts their morale and is a great way to provide workers a way to get their caffeine fix without having to leave the office. But it can be difficult to know how much you need to stock for your workplace.

The Benefits of Coffee Delivery Services

A coffee delivery service is an excellent way to offer your employees coffee and tea all day, every day. These services grant you a consistent supply of coffee and other beverages at an affordable price that comes with a host of benefits.

For one, offering coffee on-site means that employees don't need to leave the workplace to get it. This means less time spent retrieving coffee and more time working. It also makes your employees feel appreciated and valued; people notice the little things that make the job easier and appreciate the effort. Doing all of this through a coffee delivery service makes it easier for you, as there are no worries about running out of supplies or unknown costs. Simply choose the products you want, place an order, and pay the bill.

How Much Coffee Do You Need?

To figure out how much coffee you need, you need to first figure out how many coffee drinkers you employ (as well as those who would be interested in hot chocolate or teas) and their average consumption. So if you have 15 employees that each drink two or three cups of coffee a day, you would need to be able to brew an average of 210 to 315 cups each week. But remember that busy seasons, looming deadlines, and other stressful situations may increase coffee consumption.

You need to decide whether it is better for you to offer coffee by the pot or in pods. Many people enjoy pods, because it allows them to make a single cup of coffee or tea whenever they want it. However, if you employ a lot of coffee drinkers, it is often more cost-efficient to offer coffee by the pot. A single pot of coffee is about 12 cups, which requires around 4 ounces of ground coffee. Realistically, the amount and type of coffee you offer depends on your employees and workplace.

How Much Does a Coffee Delivery Service Cost?

The cost of a coffee delivery service depends on the number of employees you have, the amount of coffee they drink, the package you choose, and the service you choose. What follows is a general pricing guide to provide an idea of what you can expect to pay for your coffee delivery service.

  • A case of 24 assorted teas has an average cost of $5.
  • A case of 100 decaffeinated or regular tea has an average cost of $5.
  • A box of instant hot cocoa packets has an average starting cost of $10.
  • A case of 24 bags of pre-ground coffee has an average starting cost of $20.
  • A case of 42 single-cup brewing pods has an average starting cost of $32.
  • A case of 48 bags of pre-ground coffee has an average starting cost of $40.
  • There are coffee delivery services that also offer items such as creamers, cups, lids, stirrers, and sugars, which have an additional cost averaging between $5 and $20 per month.
  • Some services may lease or rent brewing equipment for free if you commit to a minimum monthly order, but if not, brewing equipment has an average rental cost of $45 per month.

Most coffee delivery services include the cost of shipping in their prices.

Additional Cost Considerations

Though the number of coffee-drinking employees you have is the largest cost influencer, it is not the only one. There are multiple factors that contribute to prices, such as:

  • Coffee type: Different brands and types of coffee have different prices. If you choose to order gourmet coffees, hot chocolates, or teas, you can expect to pay a little more. It is a good idea to know what your employees like and will actually drink before making a decision. Prices do vary from vendor to vendor, though, so don't be too distraught if one service doesn't have the costs you're looking for.
  • Pods or pots: Whether you provide pots of coffee or brew pods depends on the size of your workforce and how much coffee they drink. Higher amounts of coffee consumption typically call for the ability to brew a whole pot at once, while lower amounts generally allow for single-cup brew pods. Single-cup is usually the more expensive option.

What to Look for in a Coffee Delivery Service

The first thing you should look for in a coffee delivery service is flexible contract terms and the ability to test the service without committing to a long-term agreement. As with many other services, some coffee delivery companies try to get you to sign contracts without testing out the services. If you are talking to a company that tries this, it is a sign that it has little confidence in its service and that you should look elsewhere. It is always best to go with a company that offers a short-term trial, paid or otherwise, than one that does not.

If you are also getting brewing equipment and supplies such as creamers, cups, napkins, straws, or sugar from the delivery service, you need to make sure that they offer quality service for the equipment and what fees are associated with the supplies. Always be aware of exactly what you're paying for and any hidden fees that might be placed throughout the contract.

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