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How Much Does Real Estate CRM Software Cost?

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The life of a real estate agent is hectic to say the least. You're constantly on the go, communicating back and forth with a long list of buyers, sellers, brokers, and lenders. The most organized real estate offices turn to Customer Relationship Management Software to keep track of information about their clients, schedules and pending transactions.

About Real Estate Customer Relationship Management #

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software allows you to record, store, organize and search all information about a client or pending transaction. Store client contact information, important documents, notes, lists and appointment times in an organized, searchable fashion.

CRM started out simply as a way for companies to keep track of their customer and business contacts, but it has morphed into far more. Modern systems allow real estate companies to track all of their client interactions, including emails, faxes, and project documents. And that information is accessible to the entire staff.

Customer Relationship Management can also be used to:

  • Forecast sales
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Create reports
  • Route leads
  • Send mass emails

Types of Real Estate Customer Relationship Management #

There are two basic types of Customer Relationship Management:

  • In-house or on-premise software runs on your company server and is installed on each of your computers. You have total control of the software, but you need an experienced IT staff to manage it. You'll pay a large fee upfront, but there will be fewer recurring costs.
  • Web-based or cloud-based software is hosted outside of the company on the provider's server and is accessed through a web browser. You'll pay a small setup fee and then monthly payments based on the number of users or licenses in your office.

Web-based software is increasingly becoming a popular solution because the data can be accessed on the go using smart phones, laptops or tablets. All you need is an internet connection.

Real Estate CRM Software Average Costs #

In-house Customer Relationship Management usually costs $100 to $1,000 per user. You will also have to pay for technical support, maintenance, software updates and customization work.

Web-based CRM software typically runs $50 to $100 per user each month. However, lower-priced versions with fewer features are available for very small businesses for about $15 per user or less.

Most web-based Customer Relationship Management providers offer a free trial period to let you test the software. Take advantage of these offers to familiarize yourself with any software you're considering. Make sure it is both effective and user-friendly.

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