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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Document Control Software

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Electronic media is on the rise and more people are moving away from the hassle of paperwork and towards digital compiling. Why waste time dealing with stacks of files when you can easily look up records with the click of a button? Many businesses are now using document control software that allows them to edit, sort, and distribute documents to their employees while saving valuable time and resources.

But whether it's electronic files or physical paperwork, businesses themselves will still be the ones navigating documents, so it's important to choose the document control software that best suits your needs. Here are three things to keep in mind while looking for the document control software that best fits your company.

File Compatibility

While most control software will store multiple types of documents, not every software will support every format. Consider the file formats that you work with, whether business or custom, and make sure that the document control software is compatible with these same formats.

Track Edits

Edits need to be filed properly, so the software you choose should have the ability to track edits made to documents, as well as who made them and when. Not all systems have it and if your software doesn't support editing and saving, your files could become useless. Having the ability to track the edits made to your documents will provide your business with accountability and an easy-to-follow record.

Retrieving and Deleting Abilities

There may be times when your business will need to retrieve a deleted file or deal with a system that is overwhelmed by unnecessary or outdated data. In order to deal with this, you will need to make sure that the software you choose has the ability to both access previous versions of a document and delete unwanted files.

Deciding which document control software is the best for your business can be difficult, but keep these three aspects in mind and you can find the perfect fit. The era of cumbersome paper files is in the past- move into the digital age and upgrade your business while making things easier for you.

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