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How Much Does a Data-Pac Postage Meter Cost?

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Everything you need to know about Data-Pac Mailing Equipment

Data Pac is a recently approved postage meter supplier that offers a number of various postage meters to suit the needs of businesses of varying sizes or businesses with different requirements as far as mailing is concerned. The company has over 30 years of experience in supplying postage hardware and software. The company's product range includes inserter bases, shipping solutions and postage meters. Many of the services can handle different shapes and weights of parcels easily.

Pros of Data-Pac Mailing Equipment

Data-Pac offers low-cost postage meter systems that utilize computers to form mailing centers. This is achieved by the use of Data-Pac's DP Link 10. The DP Link 10 allows businesses to process letters, flats and parcels easily using compact machines that can fit into small offices. This mailing equipment also processes parcels of varying weights and integrated scales also come in two capacities of 70 or 25 lb. these integrated scales are optional. The DP Link 10 also allows businesses access discount programs that are run for different commercial operations. This can save businesses up to 90 cents per piece especially in priority mails. Data Pac mailing equipment can also enable businesses to process over 100 letters per minute. This is achieved by the use of Data Pac's EZ-Mailer.

Points to consider before choosing Data-Pac Mailing Equipment

  • Customer service - before choosing Data-Pac mailing equipment, the most important step you should consider is the company's level of customer service. In this case, consider how the company responds to complaints or problems users might have with their equipment. In addition, determine how long the company takes to respond to customers.
  • Optional features - it is important that Data-Pac mailing meters should come with options features such as label printers, power stackers and multilevel accounting software. These features will allow you recharge customers for certain postage expenses or enable you to accurately account for certain costs.
  •  Machines - Data-Pac has different machines, which you can choose from. However, it is important that regardless of the machine you select, ensure that the machine comes with important features such as integrated 70 lb. scale, unlimited departmental accounts, weigh-in motion capabilities and easy to use touch screen. The screen should be at least 15 inches.

Sample prices of Data-Pac Mailing Equipment

Prices for Data-Pac mailing equipment typically start from $20 per month. This is the price for the most basic postage machine. However, prices can go to as high as $1,000 per month for the most advanced mail processing solutions. Data-Pac also offers the DP Link 10, which processes parcels of different weights. The cost of the DP Link 10 typically depends upon the agreed lease period and prices can start from as low as $15 per month. It should be understood that in order to get the most accurate quotes for different mailing solutions, you should contact Data-Pac directly because the company also has a variety of optional extras that can significantly affect pricing.

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