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How Much Does an Address Printer Cost?

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Address Printer Prices

Every piece of mail you send out makes a statement about your company. Make sure that statement is impressive by investing in an address printer and software.

Address printers add a professional touch to your mailings. You can use them to print mailing and return addresses directly on the envelope, as well as logos, marketing messages and bar codes. The professional look helps ensure that your mail gets opened.

Address printers are expensive pieces of equipment, so it's easy to have sticker shock when comparing them to the cost of using sticky labels. But the payback comes in increased attention to your mailings. You'll also free up employee hours for more important tasks.

About Address Printers with Software

All address printers use inkjet technology. Most print only in black and white, but you can also purchase color models. Resolutions vary from about 150 to 600 dots per inch. The higher the resolution, the sharper the text will appear.

Address printers are capable of printing thousands of envelopes per hour. High-end models can print up to 35,000 per hour. Address printers can also be used for envelopes, post cards, newsletters and booklets.

Most business will want to purchase a desktop model, not a floor-standing machine. Aside from the printer itself, you'll also need software to design the envelope or mailing. High-end address printers usually come with free software that allows you to create custom designs using your choice of clip art, fonts, logos and graphics.

Address Printer Average Costs

It's difficult to estimate the cost of address printers because most manufacturers don't advertise their prices. Generally, address printers start at about $1,000 for a basic model and run as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

The speed of the printer has a significant impact on price. An address printer capable of printing 4,000 envelopes per hour will cost far less than one capable of printing 35,000 per hour. To avoid buying a more expensive machine than you need, it's helpful to have an estimate of how many envelopes you'll need to print each day before you start shopping.

Because address printers are so expensive, many businesses choose to lease them. Leasing rates start at about $100 per month. Leasing tends to be more expensive than buying in the long run, but there will be little or no upfront expenses. And when the lease term expires, you can trade in the machine for a newer model with better technology.

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