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How Much Does a Reloadable Gift Card System Cost?

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Reloadable Gift Card Program Prices

For businesses, reloadable gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving. When you set up a reloadable gift card system you provide shoppers with the option to purchase prepaid cards as a gift to somebody else. The recipient can add more money to the plastic gift card and continue to make purchases at your business indefinitely. Simply put, they're great for business.

Gift cards are most popular during the holiday season. Although, they can provide year-round benefits to companies of any size. This buying guide explains what they are in addition to how much it costs to start a reloadable gift card program.

The Advantages of Selling Reloadable Gift Cards

Rechargeable custom gift cards are popular among consumers who want to frequently give a gift or treat to somebody else (or themselves). Reloadable plastic gift cards can also be used as an alternative to a credit card to help keep budgets in check. No matter how customers choose to use reloadable debit cards, they can help your business to:

  • Increase business: Rechargeable plastic cards can boost revenues even during the slow season. With some clever marketing (such as targeting parents who want to control their teens' spending or people who are fearful of entire bank accounts being cleaned out through identity theft), you can provide customers with a reason to keep using their reloadable gift cards at your business while attracting new customers at the same time.
  • Improve brand awareness: By having a plastic gift card with your business' name and logo on it that fits inside of a wallet, you ensure that your brand remains at the forefront of customers' minds.
  • Offer numerous incentives: Reloadable gift card systems can also incorporate other incentives such as customer loyalty and membership programs. By giving card holders access to exclusive deals and allowing them to accrue purchasing points for everyday shopping, customers have even more reasons to keep buying from you.

Reloadable Gift Card Program Average Costs

  • On average, you can expect to pay around $.50 to $1 per card to start a reloadable gift card system. Other costs include:
    • Gift card software: If you plan on processing gift cards through a PC, you'll pay around $300 to $400 per location for software. Using credit card terminals, plan on software costs of roughly $50 to $75 per location.
    • Custom gift card design: Customized plastic card designs will cost you approximately $50 to $100 per hour.
    • Transaction fees: These fees average around $.10 to $.75 per transaction and will vary depending on whether you're only offering rechargeable gift cards or a reloadable card in addition to incentive programs.
    • Contract: For transaction processing and general program maintenance, a contract for about $20 to $40 per month is typically required.

Reloadable Gift Card Program Sample Costs

To gain a better understanding of what your actual costs will be have a look at what actual customers nationwide have paid for reloadable gift card systems:

  • A Minnesota food service company paid just over $.40 per unit for plastic gift cards.
  • A Colorado wholesale distributor paid approximately $.45 each for reloadable credit cards.
  • A Massachusetts retailer paid around $800 for 500 customized gift cards plus POS materials.
  • An Illinois transportation company paid roughly $1.25 per card, which include plate and design fees.

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