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How Much Does Practice Fusion Software Cost?

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Practice Fusion EMR software is a web-based system that offers healthcare providers a wide variety of features, including scheduling, charting, medical billing, e-prescribing, personal health records systems for patients, and imaging and lab center integrations. All of these features are available for free. Instead of a monthly or user-based fee, Practice Fusion supports its service with in-app advertisements.

Benefits of Practice Fusion EMR

Despite being free (except for the ads), Practice Fusion EMR offers premium features. It's patient management feature includes a library of charts, each shared between physicians within a network or practice. It also provides a live feed of your patients' diagnostic and medical history, immunization records, prevention growth charts, and lab and test records.

These features help streamline patient care. For example, e-prescribing maintains the patient's entire prescription history, including medications prescribed by other physicians.

Points to Consider before Using the Practice Fusion EMR

  • Features: Look carefully at the features included with Practice Fusion EMR to ensure they support the care you offer patients.
  • Security: In the age of HIPAA, the importance of patient record privacy cannot be overstated. Verify the provider's security precautions, including their HIPAA compliance and how they ensure you continue to operate within its guidelines.
  • Practice size: This system is designed for small- and medium-sized practices.

Price Comparison of Practice Fusion EMR and Other Commercial EMRs

Similar to the free apps you download on your phone, Practice Fusion EMR is an ad-supported software. Unlike most commercial systems, you do not pay for the initial install, security updates, or maintenance. There are no hidden costs or complications.

Considering it's a free system, Practice Fusion includes incredibly useful features, such as:

  • Notes and charting
  • E-prescribing
  • Integrated and standard patient health records
  • Medical billing solutions
  • Secure messaging
  • Scheduling
  • Lab integration and connectivity
  • Document storage and scanning

What the software does not include is patient education resources. Also, Practice Fusion only offers its software to small and medium practices. If yours is a large practice, you need to consider another option.

An EMR system that offers the same features as Practice Fusion typically ranges between $30,000 and $60,000 per year (and possibly more, depending on the number of providers and users in the practice). This cost is directly responsible for Practice Fusion's popularity. It also includes frequent updates, so you always operate with the latest technology. Your patients can create an account and contact you directly, and in a way that's easy for you to respond. In addition, your patients can book their appointments online, saving even more of your staff's valuable time and resources.

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