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How Much Does Hello Health EHR Software Cost?

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There are a number of different EHR service providers out there. The rise in popularity and the need to implement EHR in medical facilities created an increased demand for EHR software, and a number of vendors have responded to the challenge. One of these is the EHR software solution from Hello Health.

Hello Health EHR is an ONC-ATCB 2014 certified electronic health record system that provides a full range of documentation, practice management tools, and charting that different healthcare providers need to offer the best healthcare services. The Hello Health EHR design includes an intuitive interface that makes it easy for practices to use and learn at the same time. You may want to buy the software for yourself, but before you do so, here is some important information about the EHR and the estimated price of installing it.

Pros of Hello Health EHR

Hello Health EHR is cloud-based, which allows healthcare providers to access it anytime, anywhere. In addition, you don't need to purchase any hardware or software to use the system (except, of course, for the computers your staff would need to use any EHR solution). Any device with Internet access, including desktop computers and smartphones, works with Hello Health. The software is also completely secure and HIPAA-compliant, meaning you don't need to worry that your patient's data will become compromised

Points to Consider before Choosing the Hello Health EHR System

  • Features: Common features include charting and notes, e-prescribing, documentation management, scheduling, practice management, lab integration, customizable practice settings, and automated document requests. Determine which features provide value to your practice to ensure the software you choose meets your needs.
  • Functionality: The ideal software solution helps reduce paperwork, integrates both revenue and billing cycle management, leverages the latest mobile and online communication applications, and streamlines processes to allow patients and providers to engage conveniently and effectively.
  • Multipurpose: Look for a system that serves different practices so that all related eligible professions can use the system. This saves valuable resources as it allows a single EHR solution between practices with more than one specialty.
  • Low price: Hello Health's EHR software is one of the most reasonably priced services in the market and still includes multiple popular features that significantly improve efficiency.

How Hello Health EHR Compares with Similar Systems by Cost

Hello Health EHR is generally cheaper than other EHR software solutions. This web-based software saves on installation and per-user licensing fees. Your practice will need to purchase connected devices, such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets, as well as paying for the Internet service itself. However, the free EHR system could save you $50,000 per year.

Similar web-based systems cost up to $30,000 per year, per user. Hello Health's cost-free service includes a variety of features, including patient portal, e-prescribing, online booking, medical billing, and practice management.

The following estimates help you budget the cost of installing Hello Health's EHR software.

  • Initial licensing may cost from $400 to $500. However, this is a one-time cost.
  • Implementation of the software costs between $1,000 and $1,500 for the first provider.
  • Additional providers cost between $500 and $700 for each additional person.
  • Training sessions average between $500 and $700.
  • Support costs are included in the above price.
  • System updates are also included in the aforementioned price.
  • Hello Health will also provide annual maintenance that is adjusted in the original price.
  • No added price of installing or buying hardware.
  • The system employs a patient investment policy where patients are given the choice of investing a price of $50 to $150 per year for which they are granted access to certain services that the non-paying patients are not. This investment fuels the yearly cost of the EHR.

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