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How Much Does Epic EMR Software Cost?

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Summary: Epic EMR Cost

Pricing for Epic EMR healthcare software starts as low as $1,200 for self hosted systems and as high as $500k for very large healthcare facilities and hospitals. If training is not included that can cost an additional $2,000.

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Healthcare providers enjoy a wealth of software solutions designed to improve the patient experience. One of the top healthcare software companies is Epic, renowned for creating easy-to-use solutions, particularly its electronic medical records (EMR) program.

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The Epic EMR software system allows practices to store patient information and securely share this data between doctors and organizations. Even governments are regulating and encouraging the medical industry to implement these software systems.

However, there is a very big factor at play: the expense. For doctors or small healthcare facilities, implementing the Epic EMR software may present a challenge due to the cost. However, it is still possible to get customized EMR software at affordable rates or subscribe to free cloud-based systems to use the services. So, what is the actual cost of this software? Here we provide basic estimates to purchase this software, as well as the many advantages it offers.

Benefits of Epic EMR Software

EMR software offers a variety of benefits, starting with easy access to inpatient and outpatient records. Accessing records involves minimum fuss and expense, and doesn’t require going through numerous checks and balances, so physicians may communicate with each other quickly and easily. Patients can easily obtain their own medical history whenever they visit a new doctor or consult with a specialist. Physicians, also, easily access a patient's records, practically instantaneously.

Epic EMR Software Prices

Epic EMR software also allows easy access to patient information from a centralized location. In addition, the software systems also enable accurate entering of patient information. Physicians, in this case, do not have to worry about over-prescribing medication. Moreover, the systems limit costly tests and accidentally repeating those tests. This ensures that patients get comprehensive and consistent care. Doctors can easily know what other doctors prescribed, thus limiting the over-dispensing of powerful drugs.

Get Free EMR Software Price Quotes

This avoids patients misusing treatments, and protects against patients whose memory problems make it difficult to know exactly what medications they've been prescribed.

Points to Consider when Looking for Epic EMR Software

  • Easy to use: User friendly systems fit easily into the provider's workflow and ensure accurate records updates.
  • Features: Customization features such as patient charts and templates help tabulate the data and present it to you in an easily readable form, which saves your valuable time.
  • Integration: Ideally, the system integrates with other existing systems in a healthcare facility such as immunization, lab, and pharmacy registries, so that all the information is shared and augmented. This allows regular data updating, which keeps your patients’ medical profiles fresh.
  • Administrative features: Look for a system that includes appointment scheduling, medication tracking, referral management, and the upload and storage of documents. This makes it easy to share information with your patients and allows for easy reference by physicians.

Sample Costs of Epic EMR Software

Software costs, no matter what the system, vary widely. Pricing depends mainly on the features you choose and the number of users. Customization and cloud-based versus self-hosting also play a role in determining cost.

  • Cloud-based EMR software systems start as low as $200 per month but go as high as $35,000 per month, depending upon the different facilities offered. These costs include setup and training.
  • Some vendors charge for training while some packages include it. Charges for training may go up to around $2,000.
  • Prices for self-hosted Epic EMR software start as low as $1,200 and can top $500,000 for large clinics and hospitals.
  • The EPIC EMR software can also be bought at an upfront price of about $1200 to $500,000 and more.
  • Smaller facilities may take advantage of free cloud-based systems. Features are highly limited, making free versions unsuitable for large facilities.

Watch: Review of Epic EHR Software

Watch this independent review below to see a run through of the pros and cons of Epic EMR Software.

Look carefully at the features offered to determine which items you need and which won't get much use. This is where your costs can balloon. Excluding unnecessary features lowers your price considerably.


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