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How Much Does Cardiology EMR Software Cost?

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Cardiology Electronic Medical Records Software Prices

One of the main goals in health care is to reduce costs while providing the most progressive medical care available. Electronic medical records have allowed health care facilities of all sizes to reinvent the way they record and manage information. Traditional hand written records and filing systems are quickly becoming obsolete.

The benefits of EMR software include a variety of reduced costs. It has proven to increase the accuracy and effective communication of vital patient information. Recent reports estimate that electronic medical records improve total efficiency by approximately 6% per year!

Because of the benefits, federal and state governments, insurance companies, and other large medical institutions are heavily promoting the adoption of electronic medical records. Every medical office and physician should make themselves familiar with both the incentives and penalties regarding adopting an EMR software system, versus continuing the use of paper records.

Cardiology EMR Software Average Costs

The EMR software market offers both web-based/asp software and client-server software options.

Web-Based/ASP EMR Software - After purchasing a license agreement, an ASP is maintained by IT professionals at your vendor's office. Leading web-based EMR software vendors guarantee security, uninterrupted power, fail-over (instant transfer from one pc to another in the event of a crash), and reliable backups. Keep in mind that access to web based software is compromised when internet connection is down.

  • Software license ranges on average from just under $1,000, up to $4,000. Additional software updates are typically included.
  • ASP software usually does not entail as many additional costs as Client/Server software does regarding implementation, hardware, and upgrades. It is the up front cost that is typically higher.
  • Additional monthly fees typically fall within 15% to 20% of the initial licensing cost. Furthermore, this monthly cost is charged as either:
    • A flat monthly fee, regardless of usage rates, which on average can range from $250 to just under $1000 per full-time physician.
    • A fee based on usage, which on average is $.60 to $1.00 per new patient record.

Client-Server EMR Software - The license agreement is purchased and the software is set up on site. Outlined below are the other necessary elements and costs that follow.

  • The software license ranges on average from as low as $1,000 or more than $8,000. Total costs can be between $50,000 to $200,000, depending on additional cost factors.
  • Implementation/training - average cost of $75 to $150 per instructor, per hour. The number of instructors may vary based on the size of the learning group.
  • Hardware - Approximate average cost for a medium size medical office is $15,000 to $20,000. Costs are higher according to how much of the following items an office requires. The hardware costs specifically include: Tablet PC - $2000 to $3000; Workstation- $1,000 to $2,000 ($2,500 to $500 for upgrades); Servers $2,500 to $15,000.
  • Future support and maintenance costs include both an annual support contract with the software vendor for updates and technical support, and any future software updates. Some vendors include the first year of service in your initial price quote.

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