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Business Debt Collection vs. Personal Debt Collection

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Whether it's dealing with loans, contracts, or payment delays there will be many times a business will have to sort its debts. This can be done personally, or it can be outsourced to a professional debt collection agency. When looking for the most effective debt collection solution, many companies prefer to hire a commercial debt collection service. But why might it be better to outsource debt collection to a professional service? Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a debt collection agency.

Maintaining Relationships

Often, a business approaches debt collection with no interest in maintaining a relationship with the debtor. They do not realize that the debtor's business could possibly be of value later. A professional debt collection service keeps the future relationship in mind as they perform their services and provides advice on the most effective and efficient course of collection. The business and debtor can retain their relationship and the possibility of any future dealings, but the debtor knows the business is serious about collecting monies owed.

Fair Debt Collection

Every contract, deal, or commitment will have certain rules that need to be followed and not all of these are things your business may be aware of. Sometimes, personally handling debt collection can mean it's done improperly, potentially landing your business in trouble. A commercial debt collection agency is trained and knowledgeable in the laws the FDCPA has set in order to protect debtors. While you or your business may not know of the benefits and privacy that a debtor is entitled to, a debt collection service will, and follows those guidelines to ensure that no complications arise in the collection process.

Bankruptcy Laws

There may be times that a person in debt to your business will declare bankruptcy, which may lead businesses performing debt collection in-house to a dead end. A personal debt collector may be unaware of the laws attached to bankruptcy claims or where to go from there, but a commercial debt collection agency understands them. This will also be useful for tax purposes, to show that the business is genuinely trying to recover the money it is owed.

Cost Efficient and Less Time-Consuming

Outsourcing debt collection to a professional service guarantees that a business can eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of going after overdue accounts. Commercial debt collection services have the knowledge and skills to deal with debtors effectively, leaving your employees able to do their jobs without worrying about chasing down delinquent accounts. A professional service also helps cut costs for your business, as they do their best to ensure that debtors pay any outstanding debts as early as possible. This can help a business avoid any significant consequences that may arise from a late payment of debt.

Credit Approval

Outsourcing helps you avoid possible debt problems from the beginning via credit approval. Before any business dealings take place, a collection service performs a background and credit check of the client to discover potential risks. The lower the risk, the less likely that payment is to be withheld.

Points to Consider Before Outsourcing Business or Personal Debt Collection Services
  • 1.Recovery Time: To guarantee that your business is running without any financial constraints, it is essential to determine the amount of time it will take a debt collector to recover some or all of your debts.
  • 2.Interest: Determine whether it is viable for the service to seek any late payment interest on the debt.
  • 3.Maximum Payment: It is important to ensure that any collection service you choose recovers the maximum payment. Under the terms agreed to by the business that hires them, some service may make provisions for several payments so that to collect the full debt over time.

While personal debt collection may seem like it could work for you, the skills and assets a professional service provides are unmatched. With numerous complications that could arise and rules, laws, and bylaws that need to be known, why not let a professional handle it and save yourself some time?

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