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How Much Does a Telemarketing Cubicle Cost?

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Telemarketing and call center environments need to be personalized and optimized for employee satisfaction. Employees require a distraction-free work environment that allows them to communicate easily with customers. Cubicles are the most convenient, economical choice.

Telemarketing cubicles provide the most efficient and maximum use of office space. They come in different sizes to ensure that they fit the floor space and accommodate all employees. However, these cubicles are not suitable for businesses that have a lot of technical equipment. To help you figure out the kind of cubicles you need, here we provide everything that you need to know about telemarketing cubicles.

Pros of Telemarketing Cubicles

Telemarketing cubicles come with a number of benefits. The most prominent feature is its ability to fit in small places. If your office has limited floor space, cubicles allow you to arrange employees for maximum privacy and efficiency, whether you operate a small telemarketing office or a large call center.

For facilities that engage in high volume interaction with customers by computer, phone, or both, these cubicles offer seamless interaction and employee comfort. In fact, call centers all over the world choose telemarketing cubicles because they are cost effective, simple to install, and easy to maintain.

Points to Consider before Buying Telemarketing Cubicles

  • Privacy: The cubicles must provide adequate noise reduction and privacy to ensure that employees remain focused on the job and can deliver their message as clearly as possible. Overlooking this quality defeats the purpose of separate cubicles.
  • Size: To determine size needs, consider the number of employees you have, the available floor space, and how much space the employees' equipment requires (desk, chair, phone, computer, etc.). Size also affects noise reduction.
  • Extra features: Cubicles come with a variety of features and design options, including segmented or monolithic designs, fabric and paint colors, stainless steel and glass panels, and storage options such as file cabinets and overhead bins. Each feature adds to the price of the unit, so consider what you actually need as well as what you'd like to have.
  • Durability: Quality varies by manufacturer and materials chosen; not all telemarketing cubicles are built to last. Look for cubicles made of quality materials, as they will ultimately save money by cutting maintenance and replacement costs.

Sample Prices of Telemarketing Cubicles

While there are many things that determine the cost of telemarketing cubicles, the greatest cost determinant is the cubicle's dimensions. Other price variables include:

  • Quality cubicles cost more
  • Make and model
  • The more complex and sophisticated the design is, the more it costs
  • Features and added accessories
  • Rates also vary by vendor

With so many variables, definitive pricing is impossible, especially without knowing your organization's needs. However, the following estimates help guide your budgeting process. Always obtain proposals from multiple vendors to ensure you receive the best deal.

  • A cubicle measuring 2x3 with a height of 39" averages between $300 and $500
  • A cubicle measuring 2x4 with a height of 39" averages between $500 and $700
  • A cubicle measuring 2x3 with a height of 67" averages between $550 and $750
  • A cubicle measuring 2x4 with a height of 67" averages between $500 and $1,000
  • A cubicle measuring 2x5 with a height of 67" averages between $800 and $1,000
  • A Herman Miller AO2 telemarketing cubicle averages between $500 and $800
  • A cubicle with modular panel system by Custom Modern Office, measuring 2x4 with a height of 42" averages between $800 and $1,200
  • Teknion TOS call center cubicles start at $100 to $200
  • Herman Miller call center cubicles, measuring 2x2 and 54" high start at around $100
  • Herman Miller call center cubicles, measuring 2x3 and 54" high start at around $200
  • Herman Miller call center cubicles, measuring 2x4 and 54" high start at around $300
  • A used AIS telemarketing cubicle measuring 2x5 averages between $400 and $600

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